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Bucerias News

True friends

Participants in a recent study (published by the Public Library of Science – PLoS ONE) identified people whom they regarded as friends. Astonishingly, only half of those identified felt the same way about their participant “friends.” As surprising (even shocking) as this may be, what does this mean, and what can we learn from it? Descriptions of … [Read More...]

Hearts For Allison

Allison's story continues . . . As many know, Allison, who is eight years old, returned from Guadalajara in the middle of May after she endured two open heart surgeries. She was looking forward to recovering and getting her and her family back to a normal routine. Unfortunately, after her return, her condition has continued to deteriorate. On … [Read More...]

Yesterdays, now and tomorrows

  As we get older, we become more aware of how far we have moved along in our lifespans. With less time ahead, what choices can we make about how we might focus our attention? Some people focus a lot on their past to treasure special people and experiences, and sometimes to bemoan losses and unrealized potential. Others live in dread … [Read More...]

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Volunteering News

Creating Events Calendar

We would like to begin creating the Events … [Read More...]

Volunteer Needed to Help Amigos de Bucerias Website Become Bi-Lingual

The Amigos de Bucerias would like to make our … [Read More...]

Costco trash bag Donations

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Program would like to … [Read More...]

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VIP Interview of the Month

May 2016 Randy and Sandi Nystrom

This Month’s VIP’s: Randy and Sandi Nystrom I met with … [Read More...]

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