About Us

Welcome to Amigos de Bucerias

Amigos de Bucerias, A.C., is a Mexican-registered civil association, composed of energetic residents of Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico, uniting to make Bucerias a good place to visit, work and live.

Our mission:

“The civil association Amigos de Bucerias AC is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Bucerias, in cooperation with all residents, elected and appointed officials, business leaders and visitors.”

You can join Amigos at any time by using Contact Us on this site, or by sending an email to amigosdebuceriasac@gmail.com or by coming along to one of our monthly breakfast meetings.

Listed below you will see what Amigos are doing to help Bucerias.  Apart from our own projects there are also many charities needing your support.  All volunteers are warmly welcomed, you can help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate – and it’s a great way to make new friends!

Getting around this website:

All the tabs have drop down menus – just hover over the tab and they will appear.  Then click on the item of interest to you. If you come across anything incorrect or out of date, please click on Contact Us wherever you are reading and submit your report – and we thank you for updating us !

Minutes these are in Spanish as well as English and refer to our monthly membership meetings.  These are informal and sociable and  held the first Saturday of every month, gathering at 9 am, at Ixta Restaurant on Lazaro Cardenas.   This is a self serve buffet breakfast, American style, the food is fabulous, and the price of 100 pesos includes the breakfast with juice and coffee, tip, and a 10% donation to the funds.  You are welcome to attend the meeting without breakfast, but if you do wish to eat, then reservations must be made 36 hours in advance.  Please email: amigosdebuceriasac@gmail.com

Our Board for  2017:

President: Rick Kranefuss

Vice President: Roger Peterson

Secretary: Pierre Perodin

Treasurer: Gwen Baer


Our Teams (Committees) 2017:

Emergency/Special Needs Fund

Kim Cable, Jacquie Topete, Maureen Leslie


Recycling Coordinator (adbrecycling@gmail.com):

Neil Lamb

Summer Team:

Dick Pickup, Skip Burden, Ross Cable, Glynda & Tom Ballinger, Wayne Whallon, Barry Munro, Rick Kranefuss, Wayne Elliott, Jim Haklin, Dave Smith – and maybe YOU? More volunteers needed!

Winter Team:

Dick Pickup, Dave Smith, Jim Haklin, Brian Baizley, David Perry, Skip Burden, Patrick Kane, Neil Lamb, Red McKenzie, Brian Henry, Rob Spence, Beth Scimmi, Bernie Brennan, Wayne Elliott, Rick Kranefuss, Tim Mitchell – we could always do with more !

Spay n Neuter (now known as “Paws & Claws”) (contact email: adbpawsandclaws@gmail.com ; FaceBook: Paws & Claws Bucerias ; Phone: 322-121-7613)

Pierre Perodin, Sue Fornoff, Darlene Ell

Street Lights:

Dick Pickup (contact email: buceriasstreetlights@gmail.com)

Municipality Liaison (contact email: adbliason@gmail.com):

Wayne Elliott

Previous Presidents:

2005 Bill Grant

2006 Enrique Anaya

2007 Harold Sokolove

2008 Harold Sokolove

2009 John Ozzello

2010 John Ozzello (VP Christie Forget finishing his term)

2011 Noble Dunson

2012 Noble Dunson

2013 Veronica (“Ronnie”) Barker

2014 Veronica (“Ronnie”)Barker

2015 Veronica (“Ronnie”) Barker

2016 Rick Kranefuss