Home Again – and Again – and Again

Last summer we wrote about the rewards of international living and travel. No doubt, those of us who live part of the year in one country and part on Mexico’s Bay of Banderas/Riviera Nayarit, can thrive on our lifestyle. However, our twice-yearly transitions also can be challenging to our personal … [Read more...]

Meeting Minutes 05 December 2015

Minutes of the meeting held at Ixta Restaurant December 5, 2015. /Minutas de la junta llevada a cabo en Restaurante The meeting was called to order at 9.45 a.m. by President Ronnie Barker who welcomed everyone. / La junta fue llamada al orden por la presidenta Ronnie Barker, quién dio la bienvenida … [Read more...]

Why Should I Return to Bucerias?

Hola Brus, I just have a quick question. Why would anyone want to live in Bucerias or anywhere in Mexico? My wife and I just came down for a couple of weeks to visit friends and rented a nice room with a pool, right on the beach. Last night, we were robbed again. The thief or thieves came in this … [Read more...]

December 2015 – Tom & Glynda Ballinger

Tom & Glynda Ballinger moved down full time to Bucerias and became Amigos members in 2013. This couple are shining examples of starting a new life in Mexico, becoming valuable volunteers, and integrating into the local society. Amigos de Bucerias are very grateful to have their support and … [Read more...]

What A Turn Out !

Beach Clean UP today was attended by nearly 30 people! What a difference more help makes! A group walked from the Decameron to meet up with us at the Arroyo, we cleaned up there, and others went on the beach "North" of the plaza.  "Every Little Bit Helps" and in this case - Lots Of People Help A Lot … [Read more...]

Meeting Minutes 7 November 2015

Minutes of the meeting held at Ixta Restaurant. / Minutas noviembre 7, 2015, restaurante Ixta. The meeting was called to order at 9.45 a.m. by President Ronnie Barker who welcomed everyone. La junta inicio a las 9.45 am, con el llamado al orden de la Presidenta Ronnie Barker, queen dio la … [Read more...]

West Jet Raffle Tickets – Winner!

Congratulations to our lucky winner! Everyone wanted to win, of course, and there could only be one winner, of course. And the lady who won was …. Pat Udholm up in Edmonton!  And this is where her win becomes a story that you just couldn’t make up, and it leaves you all warm and fuzzy – her … [Read more...]

My hypochondriac friend is driving us crazy!

Hola Brus, I wonder if you can help advise me on a problem we’re having. A woman and her husband have been coming over to our house to play cards with my husband and me once or twice a week for almost a year now. We’ve enjoyed their company and, of course, have talked about many topics, including … [Read more...]

November 2015 – Barbara McKinley Morrison

This month our VIP is Barbara McKinley Morrison who has faced many adversities but survived the bad times with great resilience. Barb, tell us a bit about the early years please. I was born in Woodstock, a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, that makes me a “herring bone choker”, but now that … [Read more...]

Dancing Under the Stars – and On Air !

We have extended the sale of the  Westjet Flights raffle tickets!  Final sales, and the draw, will be at the Amigos breakfast meeting, 7 November.  You do not need to be present at the breakfast but you do need to pay for the tickets in advance.  Please write to: pawsnclawsbucerias@gmail.com The … [Read more...]