AdeB Recycling Helps Local Project

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Recently Amigos de Bucerias was contacted by Fundación ATD asking if they could access to our recycling yard in order to re-utilize some of the plastic bottles we collect. Neil Lamb (our recycling coordinator) was able to arrange for said access. The Fundación ATD … [Read more...]

If someone tells you to take a flying leap, do it

If someone tells you to take a flying leap, do it By Sandra J. Cohen and Roger Cormier   We overheard a woman telling a friend she had literally taken a leap of faith off a platform. The friend replied it also took faith to mount that platform because it was shaky. The literal … [Read more...]

Healthier, more active aging

By Sandra J. Cohen and Roger Cormier The way we anticipate our aging depends on our expectations. Recent studies have discovered that most Americans are living healthy, active lives well into old age. The same is true of Canadians. The “Journal of the American Geriatrics Society” reported a … [Read more...]

Worldly needs and daily delights

By Sandra J. Cohen and Roger Cormier This posting marks the beginning of our fourth year of “Tips for Growing Older,” available to you on this Amigos de Bucerias web site. We are revisiting the topic of personal daily delights and world needs with a description of a daily practice that may appeal … [Read more...]

NO GRACIAS…The Musical Has Been Cancelled

Due to circumstances, No GRACIAS...the Musical, has been cancelled. All tickets sold will be refunded by January 17th. Please call Brus Westby if you have any questions or concerns at 329-295-2591. The Bucerias Players apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to producing "No … [Read more...]

Agenda for 2017 Annual General Meeting

Amigos de Bucerias      Annual General Meeting Agenda Feb 4th, 2017   Call AGM to order Sign in sheet (print and sign name) A Quorum is announced Name a president of the AGM Name a secretary of the AGM Name two people to act as counters Designate a person responsible … [Read more...]

Postponement of AGM

Amigos de Bucerias Members, Due to a procedural error (which was pointed out by past board members), the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be postponed until the February monthly meeting. … [Read more...]

Amigos de Bucerias Needs YOU!!!

Amigos de Bucerias is in jeopardy of dissolving. We desperately need someone to step forward and run for the Secretary position on the Executive Board. The elections are going to be held at the January 7th, 2017 Membership Meeting and AGM. If Amigos dissolves, some of our programs will go away. … [Read more...]

January 2017 Membership Meeting

The January membership meeting  will start at 10:00 a.m. on January 7th, 2017 . We also offer a buffet breakfast which is available beginning at 9:15 a.m.. Come a little early for an opportunity to sign up or renew your membership for 2017. After the meeting you’ll have another chance to sign up or … [Read more...]

Contenders for the VP and Secretay positions on our Board

We have two gentlemen that would like to be considered for the Vice Presidency, and one for the Secretary, of Amigos de Bucerias. Below are the BIO's they submitted as well as their photos. We will be holding elections at the AGM on January 7th. For the VP position... First up: My name is … [Read more...]