Open Invitation To The 11th Punta Raza Surf Fishing Tournament

Open Invitation To The 11th Punta Raza Surf Fishing Tournament The Riviera Nayarit is a privileged location for sport fishing and events like this are proof positive; the tournament seeks to boost eco-conscious surf fishing. Followers of sport fishing have a date to keep on November 25-26 … [Read more...]

Top Ten November Events In The Riviera Nayarit

Mexico’s Pacific Treasure is an inspiration, which is reflected in the many events that take place throughout the year in this tourism destination. November may be a month where we celebrate death, but it’s more alive than ever with this intense calendar of things to do. There are plenty of events … [Read more...]

2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board Elections.

Just a re-cap, from todays Amigos de Bucerias monthly meeting, concerning the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board Elections. 1. If you are interested in running for one of the Board positions, please submit a short bio, outlining your qualifications for the position you wish to run for, and a … [Read more...]

10 Stories, Myths And Legends About The Riviera Nayarit

The Riviera Nayarit and its traditional villages have been the stage for important events in Mexico’s history. This, alongside with its exuberant topography, has contributed to numerous stories—both real and imagined. Apart from historical facts based on old documents, there are myths and legends … [Read more...]

10 Exotic Fruits Of The Riviera Nayarit

Fruit is one of the wonderful gifts that Mother Nature gives us every day. It’s delicious, healthy and helps keep us in shape. Many are common and are part of our daily diet, but others are fairly unknown, with strange names from far away lands, which is why they’re called Exotic Fruit. You may … [Read more...]

10 Farmers Markets In The Riviera Nayarit

The tradition of buying and selling in seasonal markets that open weekly or monthly is typical of Mexico’s culture and has a history that reaches far back into the pre-Hispanic period. It was the most important form of commerce in that era and, after the Spanish Conquest, the Europeans kept the … [Read more...]

Pink October In The Riviera Nayarit

  The hotels in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure actively participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with sporting events, gastronomy and special promotions. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—celebrated around the world thanks to the initiative of the World Health Organization … [Read more...]

5th Annual De La Cruz International Sport Fishing Tournament

From October 18-21, 2017 in the Marina Riviera Nayarit. This year they will be giving away more than 2.5 million pesos in prizes and it’s expected to generate more than 11 million pesos in revenue. The Sport Fishing Club of Tepic announced the 5th De La Cruz International Sport Fishing … [Read more...]

1st San Pancho Bird Diversity Festival

The Riviera Nayarit is on the western migratory route for the birds that fly from North to South. Some of these species are particular to the region and are a big draw for international tourism. The first edition of the San Pancho Bird Diversity Festival will take place on October 14, 2017, in … [Read more...]

Celebrating International Beach Cleanup Day

This year the call with the slogan “Put trash in its place, so the beach is a clean space!” went out to include the entire Bahía de Banderas Area: Two states, one ocean. International Beach Cleanup Day was celebrated on September 23rd with a grand event that included the participation of … [Read more...]