Why Should I Return to Bucerias?

Hola Brus, I just have a quick question. Why would anyone want to live in Bucerias or anywhere in Mexico? My wife and I just came down for a couple of weeks to visit friends and rented a nice room with a pool, right on the beach. Last night, we were robbed again. The thief or thieves came in this … [Read more...]

My hypochondriac friend is driving us crazy!

Hola Brus, I wonder if you can help advise me on a problem we’re having. A woman and her husband have been coming over to our house to play cards with my husband and me once or twice a week for almost a year now. We’ve enjoyed their company and, of course, have talked about many topics, including … [Read more...]

My Friend Wants To Stay With Us For A Month!

Hola Brus, My husband and I had a visit for a week last season from my old college roommate who I hadn’t seen in over thirty years. It was her first time in Mexico. Our house has an extra guestroom with bath, so our living situation is pretty spacious. We did have a good time together, enjoying … [Read more...]

Drowning in Visitors!

Hola Brus, My husband and I are “snowbirds,” living in Bucerias for six months a year for the past ten years. Over this time, we’ve had many guests visit us, thoroughly enjoying all that our area has to offer. Of course, they then tell their friends what a wonderful time they’ve had. Now there … [Read more...]

Embarrassed by my friend

Hola Brus, I’m very concerned about my close friend, whom I’ll call Dan. We have been friends for years, but have recently become romantically attracted to each other. Ordinarily, I find Dan to be both friendly and engaging. However, I’ve begun to notice that Dan’s behaviors change for the worse … [Read more...]

I spy with my little eye

Hola Brus, I read all the messages this past May on the Bucerias Yahoo Group site about the use of drones in our pueblo. It seems that opinion is equally divided between support and concern regarding their use. I admit that I do find myself leery about them. I certainly don’t want to be spied … [Read more...]

My daughter’s frightened

Hola Brus, I’ve been planning to have my daughter’s family come for a visit for some time. I bought four round trip tickets and paid a deposit on a lovely hotel suite nearby. Now, because of all the recent violence in Puerto Vallarta, my daughter just told me that she, her husband and two … [Read more...]

Apprehensive to leave my home alone

Hola Brus, My wife and I have just spent a wonderful first season here in Bucerias. We’ve enjoyed our new home and meeting new friends. Now we drive back north in a few weeks with an expanding list of household items to bring back with us in November. We plan to close up our house for the … [Read more...]

Shocked by my friend’s death

Hola Brus, A good friend recently died unexpectedly. He was a vibrant member of our community, and always seemed to have energy to spare. However, he’d been fighting a recent infection and hadn’t been feeling well. He told me he was flying back to his home in Canada for “some tests.” The next … [Read more...]

He thinks he’s always right !

Hola Brus, I was recently married again, my first husband having passed away some years ago. This is also the second marriage for my new husband. We have two grown children each and a number of grandchildren. My new husband and I are compatible in many ways, but there is one problem that I can’t … [Read more...]