You don’t belong here!

Hola Brus, Why do some people even come to Mexico? I ask this because a couple living in a house across the street for the past three years do nothing but complain about living here. I honestly wish I could ignore them but I can’t avoid seeing them everyday. Here is a sample of some of the … [Read more...]

Too Much of a Good Thing!

Hola Brus, My question is simple. How do I say no? I’m a single man who recently moved into town. I bought into a wonderful condo complex and have quickly made numerous friends. This past holiday season was a blur of parties, restaurants and bars. No sooner would I wake up and the phone would … [Read more...]

I’m Just Plain Angry!

Hola Brus, In reading your last month’s response to “Fed Up To Here,” I am inspired to tell you my own situation. I have made many friends over the years I have lived in Bucerias. I considered one person in particular my best friend. We were inseparable for a long time. Then one day we got into … [Read more...]

I’ve had it up to here !

Hola Brus, I am a supporter of our local Yahoo Group site and have contributed my thoughts there for the past few years. However, a recent entry I posted was attacked mercilessly by one person who shall not be named. This person is in a similar business and has consistently and publicly … [Read more...]

Fed Up

Hola Brus My wife and I moved to Bucerias several months ago, and I’ve already had it with the so-called contractors I’ve hired to work on upgrading the kitchen in my house. Our realtor recommended the first man I hired. After I gave him enough money to buy materials, he simply disappeared. No … [Read more...]


Hola Brus, We need help. My wife and I have recently sold our home in Wisconsin, and purchased a lovely house near the beach in Bucerias. We have been planning to move here permanently by October. However, a month ago, my wife had a stroke that has paralyzed part of her body. Her doctor and I … [Read more...]


Hola Brus, I have been seeing a wonderful man for the past year. We met at a support group, having both lost spouses due to long term illnesses. We have so much in common: love of travel, golf, photography. The list goes on. We especially like to read mysteries and adventure tales to each other. … [Read more...]


Hola Brus, My aunt is a widow in her mid-80’s, living alone in a very lovely condo up north. She has been generally healthy and active in her community, playing bridge, bowling and going to movies with friends. She has visited us several times in Bucerias, and has even thought she might move … [Read more...]


Hola Brus, My daughter and 16 year old granddaughter came for a visit recently and it was fine except ... when we went to the beach my granddaughter took off her blouse and I saw she has all these slash marks on the insides of both her arms, from the wrists to the elbows.  I was shocked and asked … [Read more...]


Hola Brus: I’m a little embarrassed to write you, but I thought you might be able to help. I’m a sixty something year old woman, enjoying life in Bucerias with my loving husband.  Years ago, I noticed that the skin around my eyes, jawline and neck areas were beginning to sag. Although I’ve tried … [Read more...]