Good Samaritans

My heart was warmed the other day. A couple, Maria and Tomas (who live in Minnesota) were visiting our beautiful community and were walking around the square. They came upon Raul, a homeless man who lives in the park by the church in centro. The couple knew they had to help. Raul has one leg … [Read more...]

Drink driving rule

You know you should not drink and drive... how to get the message across - even the sign is under the influence! … [Read more...]


The new Similares Pharmacy opposite Marilyn Monroe has now been open for a couple of weeks - complete with blaring music to attract passers by.  So I yelled my request for a packet of tablets - the note from the Doctor had said a packet of 30 tablets, but they come in packets of 20, and as I'd … [Read more...]

Packaging boo-boo!

We've seen this on other products too ... nice idea to make the package into its own little ziploc bag but if you follow the instructions and cut along the dotted line you've actually - cut off the zipper! duhhh … [Read more...]

Drivers beware!

Although you don't get warnings about potholes, some kind person did think to alert residents that a manhole cover was missing! … [Read more...]

The greasy pole

First cover telegraph pole with pork grease. Top with bags of goodies.  Then get that erected and secured. Find some young bloods to climb it to acquire those bags... and to slide down it,thwarted, covered in obnoxious grease.  It's great fun - pity the poor Mums who have to clean their clothes! … [Read more...]

Men at work

Getting yet another street repaired in Col. Dorada … [Read more...]

Remember to look up

Push back the jungle and look up - see what is suspended from that tree -  what a marvellous creation! … [Read more...]

What safety rules?

Absolutely no seat belts or other restraints, no adult to supervise them - it's enough to alarm even non parents ... … [Read more...]

Busy beach

Only on Bucerias beach would you see so much action: horse riding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, dog walking...  Some folks even just lie around relaxing! … [Read more...]