Trivia # 16

"That's it - no more football." Answer to Trivia # 14 : "Flawless" (Robert de Niro)   … [Read more...]

Trivia (15)

"We can't leave the baby - there's a tiger in the bathroom!" Answer to Trivia 13:  Skyfall (spoken by Q) … [Read more...]

Trivia (14)

"Life is a bitch- so I became one." … [Read more...]

Trivia (13)

"What did you expect?  We don't go in for exploding pens any more." Answer to Trivia 12: "Independence Day" (Will Smith) … [Read more...]

Trivia (12)

"Now that's what I call a close encounter".   Answer to Trivia 11: The Italian Job" (1989: Michael Caine) … [Read more...]

Trivia (11)

" 'Ang on a minute lads - I've got a great idea"   Answer to Trivia 10: "Back To The Future 1" … [Read more...]

Trivia (10)

"I guess you guys aren't ready for it yet, but your kids are going to love it."   Answer to Trivia 9: "Batman Begins" … [Read more...]

Trivia (9)

  "It's time my enemy share my dread."   Answer to Trivia 8: "Defendor" (Woody Harrelson) … [Read more...]

Trivia (8)

"Look out termites!  It's squishing time!"   Answer to Trivia 7:  "From Paris With Love"  (John Travolta) … [Read more...]

Trivia (7)

"Do I look like I play board games?"   Answer to Trivia 6: " Blades of Glory" (Will Ferrell) … [Read more...]