Remembering When – Marilyn Moxin

I first visited Bucerias in the late 70's.  I walked down a dusty, dirty road to the beach where there were a few questionable restaurants and markets. “Why would anyone in their right minds stay in Bucerias”  was my lasting impression. However in 2003 I decided I needed a change from Puerto … [Read more...]

Remembering When – Susan Rowe

We are very pleased to have received email from Susan Rowe. Many people have fond memories of reading the Amigos y Vecinos over coffee  – or something stronger.  Organising this website is time consuming enough, but read what Susan and her Editorial Team went through – hats off to you ladies!  It … [Read more...]

Remembering When (2) Denise Fiske-Chow

Remembering When....... by Denise Fiske-Chow   We first found our paradise here 37 years ago and after living here full-time for the past 26 years, I have seen drastic changes, some scary, some sad, some welcome.   I remember when the highway from Bucerias to Puerto   … [Read more...]

Remembering when… Denise Fiske-Chow

  by Denise Fiske-Chow   Just before Christmas of 2007, my good friends Larry and Jeannie Frazier invited my husband Richard and me over for some holiday good cheer, food and a great view of the sunset over our beautiful Bay.   Larry and Jeannie had been coming here for 25 years … [Read more...]