May 2016 Randy and Sandi Nystrom

This Month’s VIP’s: Randy and Sandi Nystrom I met with Randy and Sandi one afternoon in their favorite haunt, YO YO MO’s. These are two people who really don’t want to be "in the limelight," but agreed to be interviewed if I downplayed their personal biographies and focused on the important work … [Read more...]

December 2015 – Tom & Glynda Ballinger

Tom & Glynda Ballinger moved down full time to Bucerias and became Amigos members in 2013. This couple are shining examples of starting a new life in Mexico, becoming valuable volunteers, and integrating into the local society. Amigos de Bucerias are very grateful to have their support and … [Read more...]

November 2015 – Barbara McKinley Morrison

This month our VIP is Barbara McKinley Morrison who has faced many adversities but survived the bad times with great resilience. Barb, tell us a bit about the early years please. I was born in Woodstock, a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, that makes me a “herring bone choker”, but now that … [Read more...]

October 2015 – Hugh Gaffney

This month’s VIP is Hugh Gaffney, co-owner of the thriving Luna Lounge Bar and Restaurant on Avenida del Mexico (shown on the right in the photo). Getting Mr Super Busy to stop and be interviewed was no mean feat! Hugh please give us a little information about your early years. I was born in … [Read more...]

September 2015 – Pierre of Restaurant Ixta

Ixta is more than just a restaurant now - with its open air, on street lounge and dining, owner Pierre Baeriswyl has brought European "cafe society" influence to Lazaro Cardenas.   It is the venue for Amigos monthly buffet breakfast meetings, and also the "Cheers" bar for many of our community, … [Read more...]

August 2015 – Ken Wall

This month our VIP is Ken Wall, owner of Mexican American Home Services.         Tell us about your early years. I was born in Denton, Texas – that’s now a suburb of Dallas, and basically grew up in Dallas. My father was a refrigeration guy working in supermarkets like … [Read more...]

July 2015 – Colin Maruk

This month our VIP is Colin, owner of Breakers Bar on the beach, featuring great live music -  while he pours shots of tequila into his customers’ open mouths! That’s quite an art you have! Thank you! I very rarely spill any, although pouring in high winds can be tricky – but I have a lot of … [Read more...]

June 2015 – Armando Gutierrez Gutierrez

This month our VIP is ARMANDO GUTIERREZ GUTIERREZ, owner of Armando’s Place Restaurant. Armando’s has become an established favourite in Bucerias. I see you are currently #2 on Trip Advisor out of 117 restaurants in Bucerias – congratulations! Thank you - I am very proud indeed. Where were … [Read more...]

May 2015 – Veronica Gomez Garcia

Our VIP this month is Veronica Gomez Garcia – better known as “Vero”, or “Mama Vero” to the kids - she is the house mother of the Manos de Amor orphanage. If you thought bringing up a couple of children kept you occupied, think upon how busy she is with currently 29 to care for ! Vero, thank you … [Read more...]

April 2015 – President Cirino

This month our VIP is Cirino Budarth Espinoza, President of the Tercera Edad seniors facility located on the Canal Road opposite the Charrro (rodeo).   In his late 60s, this softly spoken gentleman is incredibly hard working, and with help from only a few of the seniors, he has made a big change in … [Read more...]