March 2015 – Bucerias Town Mayor Sr Tony

This month our VIP is Delegado Juan Antonio Macius Vargas  ... better known as Tony Veneno. He is the busiest man in town! This interview took place over the course of several appointments  at his office/during beach cleaning/at the Oxxo after office hours.  Thank you Sr Tony!  Please tell us a … [Read more...]

February 2015 – Glenn & Tanya Newell

This month our VIP is another couple: Tanya Newkirk and Glenn Newell, owners of Yo Yo Mo’s Sports Bar and The Drunken Duck, both on Ave Mexico. While we waited for Glenn to finish making some pizza dough, we started getting some info from Tanya. Where did you live before Bucerias? I was born … [Read more...]

January 2015 – Jan Benton

This month our VIP is Jan Benton Jan is married to Mark McMahon, owners of Mark’s Bar & Grill in Bucerias – he was our VIP last month, so if you missed it, just go back and read that first. He’s easy to find at the bar, but you don’t see much of Jan as she is so busy in the kitchen and her … [Read more...]

December 2014 – Mark McMahon

This month our VIP is Mark McMahon Mark is the hands on owner of Mark’s Bar & Grill on Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias, a regular winner of the Vallarta Lifestyles Readers’ Choice Award. We invited him to sit at the bar and talk with us. Where did you live before Bucerias?  Michigan. I grew … [Read more...]

November 2014 – Gillian Jones

  This month our VIP is Gillian Jones  Gillian is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist and we managed to get our hands on her for a change!  Where do you originate from?  I was born and lived in Hampstead, North London, where I worked as an Assistant Picture Editor for film and … [Read more...]

October 2014 – Jerry Knapp

This month our VIP is Jerry Knapp. Jerry along with Barry Munro were the original Bucerias recyclers. His wife Karen was our first interviewee back in May 2012, have a look at that and then – read on! What is Jerry short for and where are you from? It’s Jerold – after a friend of my parents … [Read more...]

September 2014 – Kim Cable

This month our VIP is Kim Cable   Kim is a busy woman dealing with all their pet rescue animals (4 dogs and 10 cats), and is an active member of both the sorority Beta Sigma Phi as well as Amigos. So Kim – back to the beginning: I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  My … [Read more...]

August 2014 – Ross Cable

This month our VIP is Ross Cable.   Ross is an active member of Amigos de Bucerias: he hauls his PA equipment to and from our monthly meetings; he tows the recycling trailer around in the summer and whenever needed; and he went all over Bucerias with Dick Pickup numbering the street … [Read more...]

July 2014 – John and Christie Forget

This month our VIP is: another couple - John and Christie Forget Although interviewed at their home, and not at their Elements Realty Group office on Ave Mexico, there were still lots of business phone calls! John: Where did you live before Bucerias? I lived in Edmonton which is where I … [Read more...]

June 2014 – Guadalupe Dipp

  This month our VIP is Guadalupe Dipp - “Lupe” as she is usually known. We interviewed Lupe at her Los Arroyos Verdes home, in the foothills of Bucerias. Where did you live before here - and how long have you been coming here? I was born in Guadalajara. My father was originally from … [Read more...]