Celebrating International Beach Cleanup Day

This year the call with the slogan “Put trash in its place, so the beach is a clean space!” went out to include the entire Bahía de Banderas Area: Two states, one ocean. International Beach Cleanup Day was celebrated on September 23rd with a grand event that included the participation of … [Read more...]

John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank and Humanitarian Aid’s Wish List

Good morning all! For those of you who are beginning to prepare for your return for the winter months, the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank and Humanitarian Aid is looking for the following items: coloring pencils, crayons, felt markers, Clothing (gently used all sizes). After school starts this … [Read more...]

A “Thanks” from the Palm Ranch

In 2016, I asked for some mic time at several Amigos de Bucerias breakfast meetings in order to recruit gardening volunteers to help spiffy up Mexico's largest palm collection, a botanic treasure on 70+ acres of private land at San Vicente (just north of Mezcales) in time for the visit of the Board … [Read more...]

AdeB Recycling Helps Local Project

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Recently Amigos de Bucerias was contacted by Fundación ATD asking if they could access to our recycling yard in order to re-utilize some of the plastic bottles we collect. Neil Lamb (our recycling coordinator) was able to arrange for said access. The Fundación ATD … [Read more...]

Dancing Under the Stars

The Manos de Amor fundraiser "Dancing Under the Stars" is coming January 11th at Samba Vallarta.  Music by Rhythm Rooster.  Appetizers, Beer, Wine, Soda.  Tickets are $350 and can be purchased at Manos de Amor or contact kswanson@sasktel.net. … [Read more...]

Contenders for the VP and Secretay positions on our Board

We have two gentlemen that would like to be considered for the Vice Presidency, and one for the Secretary, of Amigos de Bucerias. Below are the BIO's they submitted as well as their photos. We will be holding elections at the AGM on January 7th. For the VP position... First up: My name is … [Read more...]

Streetlight Repair Program Reinitialized

Streetlight Repair Program During the October meeting, it was voted on, and approved, to reinitialize the streetlight repair program. Dick Pickup is heading the effort. On the first day that Dick began, his team repaired 9 lights (it took 7 sensors and 4 bulbs. The second day out, Dicks … [Read more...]

Creating Events Calendar

We would like to begin creating the Events Calendar for the 2016/17 season. If you (or someone you know) is involved in these efforts, please have them contact the board at our Amigos email: amigosdebuceriasac@gmail.com … [Read more...]

Volunteer Needed to Help Amigos de Bucerias Website Become Bi-Lingual

The Amigos de Bucerias would like to make our website bi-lingual. In order to do this, we need a volunteer to "properly" translate (translator engines do not work properly) each post that is placed on the site. We update the site each month o/a the 15th. This would mean that, if someone were to … [Read more...]

Costco trash bag Donations

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Program would like to thank Lyn & Bob Bruce, Richard Pickup, Red & Karen McKenzie, Barry Munro, Jean Thomson, Mary Jean Tredger, Rob & Karen Spence, Roger Peterson, Patrick & Carol Kane, BICI Bucerias, Vivian, John Gaffney, Doug & Diane Kathol, John … [Read more...]