AdeB Recycling Helps Local Project

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Recently Amigos de Bucerias was contacted by Fundación ATD asking if they could access to our recycling yard in order to re-utilize some of the plastic bottles we collect. Neil Lamb (our recycling coordinator) was able to arrange for said access. The Fundación ATD … [Read more...]

Costco trash bag Donations

Amigos de Bucerias Recycling Program would like to thank Lyn & Bob Bruce, Richard Pickup, Red & Karen McKenzie, Barry Munro, Jean Thomson, Mary Jean Tredger, Rob & Karen Spence, Roger Peterson, Patrick & Carol Kane, BICI Bucerias, Vivian, John Gaffney, Doug & Diane Kathol, John … [Read more...]

Member Suggestion for Recycling Plastic

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Basket Making 101

Some of the Amigos de Bucerias Recyclers got together recently for a session to make more recycling baskets for plastic & tin/aluminum cans. We were able to "sell" a few to businesses, and even an individual, that believe in our recycling program. Those that paid will get a "Sponsored … [Read more...]

Wish List 2016

We want YOU! We can always use additional volunteers to help with our recycling efforts. On Mondays and Thursdays, starting at 8 am, we make a circuit to empty the recycling baskets throughout our fair town. It takes about 3 hours, we empty our containers of plastic into bags and  then unload the … [Read more...]

Going well !

Despite the heat, plastic collections have continued all summer long - well done team!  So far only one day has been rained off when a wonderful 4" fell from the skies.  We have been working "in the red" financially, but are now recouping from the major street lighting repairs project.  We are … [Read more...]

Earth Day Achievements

A small group of conscientious folks went out on Earth Day to pick up trash from the beach and ...almost had to search for it ! Of course there was the usual amount in the arroyo, although even that was down in volume, and of the team the 5 diverted there got to the rubbish drop off point at the … [Read more...]


We want your body! We are DESPERATE for people to come out on our recycling collection rounds ... Monday and Thursday.  We start at 8 am and it's a 2 - 3 hours route.   We do NOT sort through it, just bag it up and put it in our yard.  We also need someone with a truck with a hitch to tow the … [Read more...]

One Year Later !

Yes, it's been a year since we took over the recycling in Bucerias on Earth Day, 22 April 2013.  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! Thank you to ALL our volunteers - whether actual Amigos members or not - for pitching in and helping out!   And what an exciting - and dangerous year it has … [Read more...]

Hi ho silver and away!

Summertime – and it’s not so much the cotton is high, it’s the weeds and the grass.  Local horse owner Lalo asked if he could graze his horse, Pancho, inside our recycling yard and got a very positive  “yes please”!  One of the team mentioned the obvious downside of horse droppings, but I spoke with … [Read more...]