Creating Events Calendar

We would like to begin creating the Events Calendar for the 2016/17 season. If you (or someone you know) is involved in these efforts, please have them contact the board at our Amigos email: … [Read more...]

Septi-hambre – The Hungry Month

Unfortunately 7 of the seniors passed away over the summer months.  September = septiembre - is also known as "septi-hambre" - meaning the month of hunger. At the end of a hot summer, and generally flooded out by torrential rains, it is a long time before tourists return, regenerating the local … [Read more...]

Wish List 2015

Gently used clothes, sandals and shoes for men and women, all sizes General medical supplies, ie: antiseptic creams, band aids, bandages, etc. "Readers" reading glasses. Umbrellas.  Blankets all sizes Personal hygiene supplies: hand soap, shampoo, moisturiser - hotel free samples are ideal … [Read more...]

Drag Race a roaring success !

Gentlemen, a toast to the ladies!  Too late - they are already drinking to themselves! The Second Annual Drag Race was not for the faint hearted nor the flat chested.   There were three competitions: They strutted their stuff on the cat walk at the Luna Lounge, winner was Colin in his LBD, tho … [Read more...]

BBQ success

The Hills are alive with the sound of music! What  fabulous musical entertainment was provided by delightful Emalee Hill  accompanied by her father Rob, and featuring younger sister Ruby for a premiere song!  Just how proud was that Dad !  Not too shabby indeed! This fundraiser for the Tercera … [Read more...]


This fund raiser for the seniors of Tercera Edad will be held at the exotic El Eden nursery,  just before the Tercera Edad premises, Sunday 22 February, 1 - 6 pm.  Ticket price, 250 pesos, includes entry and all you can eat BBQ: burgers, dogs, etc.  Cash bar, tequila raffle and 50-50 raffle, various … [Read more...]

What’s happening at the Tercera Edad

When President Cirino told us of his plans to have a hen coop, we said, sure, go ahead, thinking, aw, sweet. But he and his seniors had bigger ideas – much bigger ideas! Using the balance of monies raised from selling crafts at the market \the Mexican ladies cooking demos, they bought the materials … [Read more...]


Gently used clothing, shoes and sandals for adults, all sizes; Blankets for the winter and umbrellas for the summer! Spectacles – prescription or just readers. Embroidery threads, sewing cottons and needles; knitting wool and needles; Items that can be purchased locally: Toilet … [Read more...]

Christmas is not just for the kids !

When Linda Banker came up with the idea to make ponchos for the folks at the TE, little did she know how soon they would be needed!  Yes, even the tourists are remarking on how cool this weather is!  Us "locals" have put on sweaters, and so you can imagine how much more the grannies feel the cold.  … [Read more...]

A busy day!

Our grannies for the Tercera Edad were dressed in their best for the Revolution Day parade on 20 November.  Leading them, holding the Mexican flag, was Director Cirino.  Followed by the grannies,  everyone concentrated on walking along the cobbled streets.  The delightful Queen and her two … [Read more...]