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Nayarit driving licenceYou can get  a Nayarit driving licence at a nominal charge, and it’s an easy process.    This is for holders of temporary or permanent residency visas – a tourist visa is not accepted.  This is the one you would show when you are stopped for speeding or whatever other infringement in this area of Nayarit, therefore keeping your “foreign” one safe.  Now you’re not going to be so worried at handing over this one.

And talking about being stopped by the Transito:

Do NOT pay the police offer any bribe – you will end up paying more than if you take the ticket and pay for it officially!   Do not hand over a copy, it must be the original.  Sit and wait for him to write out a ticket.  He will take away your licence.

If you are stopped in Nayarit for ANY “infraction” or breaking the rules (went thru a red light, parked on yellow etc)   take the ticket plus official photo ID to the Transito office in San Vicente. Drive inland from Mezcales, after about 4 kms on the left you will see a Coca Cola plant, get into the right hand lateral and turn right into a shopping plaza, Transito is at the end, upstairs above a large palapa restaurant.   It’s really quick and easy to pay the fine. If you go the next day you can get the license back easily enough – with 50% discount!     If you are stopped in Jalisco drive towards Marina Vallarta and turn left at the lights at the  bullring.  Continue on this road about 2 kms to the next set of lights and turn right – you are going to that 4 storey red brick Municipal building further on, on the right.  Again, go the next day and also get a 50% discount.  Sometimes the roadside officer will hand the Mexican license back to you, (he really doesn’t want to do the paperwork!) and let you off with the warning of “next time it will be a ticket”.  Don’t be afraid – don’t pay the bribe!

To get your Nayarit driver’s licence you will need originals and:

  • A copy of the picture page from your passport;
  • A copy of your current in date Resident visa(temporary or permanent), front and back on the same side of the page;
  • A copy of your existing non Mexican license;
  • A copy of your CFE or Telmex bill.

The Transito office HAS MOVED FROM San Vicente, May 2014. It is now  in Mezcales, North bound lateral just North of the traffic lights.  The office is above the Pacifico bus station.  This is also where you will get your license plates for your new (to you) car.  There is parking at the back.

Inside, the gentleman dealing with driving licenses will ask you what type of license do you want?  The answer is: “Automovilista” if you have a car. The cost for this licence is 581.58 pesos (an increase of 22 pesos, November 2014). We have just learnt (thank you Leonie!) that if you have a pickup type vehicle then you have to say “Chofer” as they group pickups –  as they can be used to haul stuff –  under “trucks”.  The cost for this licence is 678.52 pesos (November 2014).  Theoretically your Automovilista licence does not allow you to drive a pickup.  He will ask if you have any medical issues, i.e. diabetes; your blood type; if you want to be an organs donor; if you need glasses to drive (it’s ok to say yes to this one!).

He will then take a photo of you, and your thumbprint, & give you a computer print out which you take to the cashiers’ window.   Pay, take their receipt back to the man, he gives you one copy and your driving license.  It’s as simple as that.

Your license is valid for 3 years and when you return it is a similar procedure, only this time you show your Mexican license and a copy of it, front and back on the same side of paper.  (You can get copies from the person at the doorway).  Officially once you reach the age of  65, you will need to show an original letter from your local doctor confirming that you are in good health to drive, and this needs updating every 3 years.  We did not have said letter, but the man that day was not interested he did his own visual assessment and accepted the answers as to our good health!  He gave us back our expired license – so this is the one we hand over to gated development security guards.

If you do NOT have a NON Mexican license to show, then you will need to take a Mexican Q & A written test.  You are allowed to have someone translate the Qs for you, but not to help you.

This information correct as of  16 November 2014. If you encounter anything different, please click on Contact Us

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as legal advice. It is for educational and informational purposes only. Government policies vary between States and offices, and Mexican Government officials have broad discretion in how they individually enforce policies, so, your personal experiences may vary. See a professional for advice on important issues.