Renewing Mexican Car Road Tax “Tenencia” 2015-02-21T13:46:24+00:00

This is an annual payment that applies to Mexican cars only and if you go and pay in January you get a discount, currently 25%.    The size/make/year of car will determine the fee, anything from a couple of hundred pesos  for older cars to several thousand.

Every three years there is a compulsory change of car plates, and 2013 was one of those years.  If you made payment in January 2013 they gave a 30% discount on the new plates charge.  The next year to change plates will be 2016.

The office is on Av Jose Maria Morelos, just along from the Gecko Bar, the stairwell has bright green walls and very steep stairs, open Mon – Fri 9 – 1pm.  It is hardly ever busy.

You will need: the computer generated account from last year with the receipt from the bank that you paid it. (I take a copy of that receipt before it fades!). You can take along the official Nayarit Government receipt (used to be brown, now it’s green) that you received when you got your car sticker, but do NOT lose this. You need to keep this for whenever you sell your car.  And that’s it!

The personnel will generate a new computer account. This now is a lot more expensive than previously as you are being charged a higher contribution for the cost of the sticker, education, social assistance, and of course tax on top. If you did not renew the sticker or replace your plates before, then there is a fine payable.

Take this computer account to one of the banks listed listed on it:  Banorte, Santander, Scotiabank, Banamex, HSBC, Bancomer.  You don’t have to be a customer as the account includes a credit to the bank of a 3 pesos transaction fee, however Banamex charged a further 11 pesos this year.  Hand over your money, and get their receipt.   Keep a copy of the receipt in your car just in case you are stopped.  And now just sit and wait – approx 2 months! – before going back to the office with this receipted account – to collect your new sticker & card.

You can call the office: 298 0018 and quote your plates number to see if everything is ready for you.  (When you do need to get new plates and they are ready, take a screwdriver in order to remove your existing plates and take them upstairs with you.)

You can now complete the appropriate form online: selecting the bank of your choice, you will need to complete your plate number and  your VIN number.  Go past “factura electronica” and instead click on the underlined sentence that says: “Formato de impresion para presentario en ventanilla…”  You can then get a printable form to take to the bank with your payment.

Information correct as of January 2015.  If you encounter different, please click on Contact Us

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as legal advice. It is for educational and informational purposes only. Government policies vary between States and offices, and Mexican Government officials have broad discretion in how they individually enforce policies, so, your personal experiences may vary. See a professional for advice on important issues.