DSC02721The new Similares Pharmacy opposite Marilyn Monroe has now been open for a couple of weeks – complete with blaring music to attract passers by.  So I yelled my request for a packet of tablets – the note from the Doctor had said a packet of 30 tablets, but they come in packets of 20, and as I’d already got one packet, I just needed another  to make up the balance.   They produced two packets and yelled back that I needed them and I yelled No I don’t, and yelled the explanation all over again – and they yelled and I yelled – by now we were reading each other’s lips.   They brought out the senior phamacist to yell too.  Finally the explanation came through in a brief pause of the “music” : there was a special offer on, buy one packet and get the second packet free.  Well in that case, Yes I will have that 2nd packet after all !

How about having a packet of this to accompany it?  No thank you.  Or this?  No.  Or … NO! Or how about this product on special today?  What’s it for?  An upset stomach.  Thank you I don’t have an upset stomach.  (But I was beginning to have a headache…  and a sore throat from all the shouting!)  I would however like 2 packets of this tablet – they brought out three. No, I said TWO and we went through it again – lo and behold another special – buy 2 get 3 !  OK –  sold!  Anything else – how about – NO, thank you!  Just the bill.  Paid and started to leave but no – she pointed to a display at the front and indicated  I could have my choice – a small bag of rice or sugar or toilet rolls.  No, I’m fine thank you, really.  Ah – but they’re FREE! OK! I’ll take a bag of rice for the TE then, thank you.  No!  You get TWO bags free!

Just another shopping experience in Bucerias.


  1. Don’t you just love the blaring music? The Rotisserie place had to finally turn off their music so I could place an order, the speaker being almost on top of the counter (smile).