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You do not need a fishing licence if you are standing on shore, but if you are in a boat of any size you do (& always have done). And now this is being enforced in many areas. All people on board need a permit and valid photo ID. You should probably also carry the official receipt as well.  You can apply for this online, pay by credit card or go to a local Banamex. The online form is in Spanish and you might have to disable your pop up blocker in order to access it. (Remember to reinstate that blocker afterwards). The website is:

There are bag and possession limits according to the species of fish, and various other (common sense) rules to protect the marine environment.

The costs are as follows:

One day: 114 pesos

One week: 286 pesos

One month: 430 pesos

One year: 573 pesos

In La Cruz, Maria next door to Philo’s can help you get your licence.  The marine chandlery Zaragoza, located on the highway opposite the whale sculpture at Marina Vallarta, will do the paperwork and go to the bank for you for a fee of just 50 pesos. Go to them in the morning and you will get your permits the next day.

This information correct as of 06 November 2014  If you encounter differently, please: Contact Us

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