Good Samaritans

Raulraul2 My heart was warmed the other day. A couple, Maria and Tomas (who live in raul3Minnesota) were visiting our beautiful community and were walking around the square. They came upon Raul, a homeless man who lives in the park by the church in centro. The couple knew they had to help. Raul has one leg amputated and only has one usable hand. The wheelchair he had was old and rickety and the rubber on the wheels was gone. The couple contacted Amigos de Bucerias to see if anyone locally could help this man. Rick, of Amigos, put them in touch with Tercera Edad AC. Jim and Marilyn, from Tercera Edad, met up with Maria and Tomas who had already bought a new wheelchair for Raul. Jim and Marilyn provided Raul with clothing and a cushion for his new chair. Maria and Tomas left money with Marilyn so that Raul could have a meal on a daily basis. Miguel Angel agreed to provide the meal. The gardener in the square took Raul to his home and got him all cleaned up. Isn’t it amazing…what can be accomplished when we all work together, as a team, for the betterment of humanity. Thank you Tomas and Maria, the world needs more people like you!!!