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If you pay your property tax (“predial”) in January you get 15% discount; 10% in February; 5% in March. There is no more 50% discount with the seniors card unless you own your property outright (ie, not in a bank trust).

You can pay at the building on the corner of Cuauhtemoc and Pacifico – upstairs, 9 – 2, Monday – Friday.   You just take your last year’s tax receipt and cash, no ID necessary.  No forms to complete, it’s very easy, but as there are lots of people paying you might want to take a book with you!  Upon arrival make sure you get a number from the guard at the door, then take a seat, he lets people inside in batches of ten or so.

You can also pay online: go to:

You can pay by Canadian Master Card.

HOWEVER:  the online payment receipt is ONLY that and is NOT valid as the official receipt.  You still have to go to the office to get that,  you need to show your online receipt  – and you will still have to wait your turn.    The official receipt is the only one acceptable for when you want to sell your house.  So it is just as easy to do it all in one go at the office.  February and March obviously are not as crowded.

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