Meeting Minutes for September 2017

//Meeting Minutes for September 2017

Meeting Minutes for September 2017

Minutes of the meeting held at Karen’s Place Restaurant on September 2nd, 2017.

Minutas de la junta llevada a cabo en Karen’s Place Restaurante el 2 de Septiembre del 2017.


The meeting was called to order at 9.40 a.m. by President Rick Kranefuss  who welcomed everyone.

La junta fue llamada al orden a las 9:40 am por el presidente Rick Kranefuss quien dio la bienvenida a todos los miembros presentes.

SECRETARYS REPORT/Reporte del secretario

Pierre Perodin stated that there was no minutes for the last meeting held on May 6th 2017 because he was not present and he did not make arrangement for someone to take notes in order to prepare the minutes. At this moment, Gloria Tellez said that she had a recording of the meeting and that she will be willing to prepare the minutes which will be posted on Amigos de Bucerias  website for comments and corrections before the next meeting.

Pierre Perodin dijo que no habia minutas por la ultima junta del mes de mayo del 2017. Tambien dijo que no asistio a la reunion y que tampoco hizo arreglos para que alguien tomara notas. Gloria Tellez dijo que ella tenia una grabacion de la junta que ella preparara las minutas y las pondra en el sitio de Amigos de Bucerias para comentarios y correcciones antes de la proxima junta.


Gwen Baer presented the financial report for the last 3 months showing a beginning balance of $137,717.00 pesos and an ending balance of $121,123.00 pesos. She asked if there was any question or comment. There being none, a motion to approve came from Wayne and Lou.

Gwen Baer presento el reporte financieron por los ultimos 3 meses mostrando un saldo inicial de $137,717.00 pesos y un saldo final de $121,123.00 pesos. Ella pregunto si habia alguna pregunta o comentario. Al no haber ninguno, la mocion para aprobarlo vino de Wayne y Lou.



Rick said that Amigos de Buceri­as has a new trash trailer big enough to take 6 or 7 more bags. He noted that the recycling group was very busy and that volunteers were needed. Rick also mentioned that ADB has 8 trash containers around town. On some locations, it seemed that people do not really know what their purpose is. He said he was working on the idea of putting a blurb in a local newspaper explaining what the containers are for, in order to educate the people. Some members volunteered to write and hand out fliers. The members are in agreement with this idea.

Rick dijo que Amigos de Buceri­as tiene un nuevo remolque de basura que puede acomodar 6 o 7 mas bolsas. Dijo tambin que el grupo de reciclaje ha estado muy ocupado y est¡n buscando nuevos voluntarios. Amigos de Bucerias coloc 8 contenedores en todo Buceri­as. En unos lugares, parece que la gente no sabe el motivo por el cual se colocaron estos contenedores, echando basura alrededor del contenedor o directamente al suelo. Rick dijo que est¡ pensando a poner una nota en un peridico local para educar a la gente. Algunos miembros se ofrecieron como voluntarios para preparar y distribuir volantes a la gente. Todos los miembros presentes estuvieron de acuerdo con la idea.


Dick Pickup stated that his team did a great job in repairing 82 lights during the past 3 months. He mentioned that the Nayarit government did not really follow up on their intention of taking over the program. He is waiting for the new Governor with his new team to take office and he will try to get in touch with them. Dick said that anyone who knows about a defective light should send an email to:

Dick Pickup dijo que su equipo hizo un trabajo formidable durante estos ltimos 3 meses, reparando 82 focos pblicos. Mencion que el gobierno de Nayarit no dio seguimiento a su intencin de continuar con el programa. Est¡ esperando que el nuevo gobernador y su nuevo equipo tomen oficina para contactarlos.Dick dijo que si alguien que sepa de un foco que no funcione debe enviarle un mensaje a:


Rick Kranefuss announced that he was in the process of building the calendar of events for the season. He said that if we know of any organization that is having an event during the coming months, to ask them to send him a note.

Rick Kranefuss anunci que est¡ preparando el nuevo calendario de eventos. Si alguien sabe de alguna organizacin que vaya a tener un evento durante los proximos meses, favor de enviarle una nota.

On other business, Rick mentioned a conversation he had with David Velasquez. David inferred that if AdeB would collect styrofoam material for him, he might let us use the remaining portion of the lot (currently used for our recycling program). Rick spoke with Neil and both think that it is a good idea…would be great if we could start a glass recycling program.

En otros asuntos, Rick mencion una conversacin que tuvo con David Velazquez. David dijo que si AdeB puede recolectar material de styrofoam para que el lo use, nos dejara usar la otra parte de su lote que estamos usando actualmente para nuestro programa de reciclaje. Rick piensa que es una buena idea. Asi podriamos empezar con un programa de reciclaje de vidrio.

Rick then announced that the posts of Secretary and Treasurer will be vacant next year and that we will be looking for candidates. He also said that the current secretary will be away for a couple of months, starting next week, and that Gloria Tellez has agreed to replace him.

Rick anunci que los puestos de Secretario y Tesorero estar¡n vacantes el prximo ao y se est¡n buscando candidatos. Tambin dijo que el secretario actual estar¡ fuera del pa­s por unos meses y que empezando la prxima semana, Gloria Tellez acepto reemplazarlo.


Rick thanked Karens staff for a delicious breakfast.

Rick agradec al personal de Karens por el delicioso desayuno.

The meeting adjourned at 10:07 a.m.

La reunin concluy a las 10:07 am


Respectfully submitted

Pierre Perodin




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