Reporting Water and Power Problems 2015-02-03T15:17:10+00:00
WATER: 291 0145   Have your contract number ready if it is an in-house problem, this is on your account in the box on the right, and the last 4 digits have also  been painted in small black numbers on your outside wall.   The automatic recording comes on, you want option zero, then you get a real person. You will give street address, colonia, town. Then you need to get a report number, currently 5 digits. If repairs are not effected, quote that number when you next call them to save you repeating all the information.
There are very simple forms in English at the local office, with a basic drawing of a square of streets – complete the street name for the leak itself and the 2 cross streets to readily identify the location.  Give this to the lady on duty with your cellphone to call it in and get your report number.  If there are any problems she will call Amigos.
ELECTRIC: 071 : 24 hours. Option 1. Then the service number which is top right hand corner of your bill (12 digits). Again address. Again, get a report or “folio” number, currently a letter and 7 digits, again use this for future reference.
If you don’t get a report number for water, power or telephone problems your report, basically, will be ignored, and you’ll have to start all over again!