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These are “magic” numbers, just dial 066 from landline or cellphone, no prefix required.

See section: “Essential Info – Emergency – Phone Numbers”


Telmex: Bucerias office hours: M – F: 9 – 4.  Closed Saturday.  Tel: 298 0640  (Office at Soriana, Plaza Caracol open Saturday morning).

Report phone line problem: 01 800 123 0000.  Make sure you get a report number or you will not appear on their list.

Report Infinitum (internet) problem: 01 800 123 2222/2225.  Ditto.

Both have someone who speaks English, just ask.

Returning faulty modem: Make sure you also take the power cord supplied with it.

Geting phone service/internet modem for the first time: make sure you have passport ID. sign up for monthly account notification by email


To dial from a landline to a landline is a total of 10 digits, comprising  area code 3 digits, town code 3 digits  and 4 digits for the house.

Inside Banderas Bay you need the 3 digit area code prefix of 329.  Then add the 3 digit  town codes:

Bucerias: 298;  La Cruz: 295;  Mezcales: 296.

Then add the 4 digits of the house. So: calling Bucerias from outside of Bucerias:  329 298 1234

If you are dialing a number that is in the same town as you, you do not need the area code 329 prefix.

So: calling Bucerias from inside Bucerias: 298 1234


To dial outside of the Bay is long distance and requires the prefix: 01, then the appropriate area code (ie Guadalajara is 333, plus  3 digits plus 4 digits, so: 01 333 987 1234).

The long distance prefix of 01 also applies if you are in Nayarit and dialing Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco).  It starts from the State border so it includes Nuevo Vallarta.  Although it is considered “long distance”, the good news is that in a Telmex revision a few years ago, you are not paying for that, just for a local call.  To dial Nuevo Vallarta and PV, you need to dial: 01 322 then the town code and then the 4 digits.

The town code for Nuevo Vta : 297.  For Pto Vallarta: This can be either 221 or 222.  Confusingly, a lot of the 4 digit  house numbers start with 22 !

So: calling from a Bucerias landline to PV: 01322 222 1234

If you are dialing the USA or Canada (the country codes are 1) you need to dial: 00 1 and area code and number.


Calling from a landline to a cellphone: if you are in the same area use prefix 044.

So: dialling from Bucerias landline to Bucerias cellphone: 044 329 298 1234.

If you are in a different area use prefix 045.

So: dialling from Bucerias to cellphone in PV: 045 322 161 1234

Cellphone to cellphone you only need the 10 digits: 322 161 1234


Many 01 800 numbers to Canada and USA do not work.

To call 800: Dial 001 880

To call 866: Dial 001 883

To call 877: Dial 001 882

To call 888: Dial 001 881