Cleaning Bucerias 2014-04-03T15:21:03+00:00

This is on a par with Hercules’ 5th  labour – cleaning the Augean stables.  We have different volunters to clean the beaches, we’ve been doing this the 2nd Saturday monthly, led by the good folks at Shala Ananda yoga.  We’ve cleaned the streets individually, in groups, or with the Las Palmas group.  We’ve organised our own neighbourhood clean ups. We cleaned up the arroyo before the summer rains came and washed the trash onto the beach and into the ocean.  And we also need  to help keep the canal clean.  We have picked up trash and trash and trash.    And this is not just a one time clean up!  From the money raised by recycling we have provided trash bins, full and half size, and despite the modifications, they still tend to get stolen.  If you care about a cleaner town and better qualifty of living, and – “if you have what it takes” – then please get in touch and join in with any of our clean up projects!  You’ll most likely end up making some good friends!