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A new name: Human Connections 2014-09-21T12:51:32-05:00


HC_aiFINALBlueThe Mexico branch of the international non-profit called Investours is now a new, independent organization called Human Connections.

This transition occurred on June 1, 2014.  Elly Rohrer, the former Director of Investours Mexico, closed the existing program and founded Human Connections in its place.  Investours still operates in Tanzania and, as a sister organization, fully supports the transition. Investours clients are still being served by Human Connections and we have a growing client base.

Like Investours, Human Connections offers tours designed to help local businesses grow and promote cross-cultural understanding. We are currently working on revamping and perfecting the tours, so if you visit us again, you will have a different, richer experience – and might see some new faces! Proceeds from these tours now fund programs at the new Human Connections Community Center, which is located on the third floor, above Dr Mauro’s office on Hidalgo in downtown Bucerias. Here, Human Connections hosts low-cost, volunteer-led classes like English for Vendors and Financial Literacy to community members. The organization will also offer Spanish conversation classes for residents or visitors.

The main difference between Investours and Human Connections is simply the location and the impact: now, all tours will be in Bucerias (instead of numerous locations around Puerto Vallarta) and revenue generated locally is used to create an impact locally.  Additionally, Human Connections will specialize in new programming for university groups.

Human Connections tours begin October 1st and classes will begin on November 1st, 2014.  For more information or to share your thoughts about the transition, visit the Human Connections website: humanconnections.org

or contact them at: info@humanconnections.org

or call Elly Rohrer cell: (+521) 322-191-5309.