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PAWS & CLAWS: Spay n Neuter Program 2015-11-19T08:11:53-06:00

The following is the history behind this project.  Please look in the right hand column for recent updates. Our latest fundraising event: Dancing Under The Stars, November 3,  with the WestJet Gift of Flight raffle ticket achieved an excellent net total of just over 42,000 pesos!  This will keep the spay n neuter and the animal wellness project going for quite some time – thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who came.

Spay n Neuter clinics were being held by the organisation Peace until they ceased to exist in this area in April 2013.  There is now Peace Animals Pta Mita and PV, who organise mobile spay&neuter clinics.

Following upon our Amigos breakfast meeting April 2013, a team consisting of  Julie Lee, Karen King, Peggy Wuth and Kim Cable talked to the vets in Bucerias who agreed to give us a discount for the spay and neutering of street dogs and cats/those animals belonging to Nationals of limited financial means.  Fundraisers then started to pay for these procedures.  Bi lingual fliers were distributed to raise awareness.

The Spay n Neuter Team – subsequently renamed as the more attractive “Paws & Claws” – held their first fundraiser on Sunday 3 August 2013 – “Pets Picnic”.   See articles for details of this and the follow up event held on 26 January 2014.  Both were a lot of  fun !  Donations – and carry cages –  are always requested.

Paws & Claws have now incorporated an Animal Wellness Program specifically aimed at providing emergency medical treatment for street animals, or those belonging to a National of limited financial means, involved in a road traffic accident.  The injured animal should be taken to one of our three participating vets.  We will pay half of the cost, up to a maximum of 500 pesos.  We rely upon the knowledge and  expertise of the vet in all cases to make the judgment call regarding the animal’s treatment.

These are the vets participating in this scheme:

Dr Esquivel Pena Rico, “Pena’s” on Zaragoza up from the Comex paint store

Dr Jose Gervasio Miranda Reyes, “Animalitos”: Southbound lateral, Bucerias at the lights opposite Famar

Dr Eduardo Ramirez Hernandez, “Pet Vet & Care”: Southbound lateral, Bucerias next to Surf Shop

There are dogs waiting to be adopted in Canada – they just need someone to fly with them.  Please write to: tere@prurealty.com