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The Amigos street lights repair project, funded by money from our Recycling, was highly successful!  In 2015 the new Administration decided to take back this responsibility.  You can still report a malfunctioning street light by sending an email to us, and we will forward this information on to the Delegado’s office for action:

Give the name of the street and the 3″ green and white stencil number (not the long imprinted number).

As this was such a successful Amigos community project, we are maintaining the history on this page, in appreciation of the efforts of those involved, proving that even a few CAN  make a difference!

Ross Cable and Dick Pickup mapped, painted, and numbered seven hundred & thirty-two – let’s say that again: 732!! – street posts and plaza lights in Bucerias! This was a very time consuming effort, thank you both.

Using maps obtained from the government and Google, the team located the names of every street in the community that had been recorded. Locating the streets themselves was the real challenge. Having received permission from CFE and the municipality, they spent six weeks painting a patch of white paint on each post and filling in with a green number. A gallon of white paint and 1 quart of green later, Dick and his wife, Mary Carmen, scouted the streets for three nights, locating those fixtures not working and finally reported those one hundred forty-one (141) non working lights to the Public Works Department… and then more failed, so the total became 268 !     The following morning a crew were despatched at 10 o’clock to start the repairs.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of Ross, Dick, and Mary Carmen, future malfunctions –  including lights that remain on all day – can be easily reported by sending the street name and the stencilled  post number by email to:

Since writing the above in September 2013, nothing further happened with regards to street lights repairs.  In December President Ronnie Barker launched a petition, also calling for improved policing, which was eventually presented to the Secretario and Presidente of Bahia de Banderas on 13 February, 2014.    Having spoken to the Secretario on the 17th, we attended a meeting with him and members of the Works Department on the 18th.

It transpired a company had been awarded the contract for the next 25 years for the supply and repair of street lighting – for the whole of the Bahia.  They were going to start with the lights on the Boulevard – that’s Highway 200 –   But not necessarily in Bucerias.  So it would be a long time before any of our street lights were repaired. (In 2015 the new Administration rescinded this contract).  The existing sodium vapour bulbs were relatively cheap, about 70 pesos each, but required ballast and if that failed, that’s an 800 pesos replacement cost.  The new bulbs being phased in, CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) are almost double the cost of the existing bulbs, but do not require ballast.

We  therefore proposed that we would provide the light bulbs if they would provide the manpower.   If it was the ballast at fault, then we would provide a new CFL bulb and the ballast could be removed.  The repair department have a copy of our list of all the streetlights numbered by Dick Pickup and Ross Cable.  Dick and his wife Mary Carmen went around the streets  update the list.  The first two streets were Lazaro Cardenas and Francisco Madero, starting 24 Februry 2014,  working “upward and onward” until all of Colonia Dorada was done.  Then the team moved on to the many lights not working in the Los Picos area, and then back to El Centro.  Fliers were handed out to residents on the inland side of the highway to make their reports, new street lights were numbered by Dick and Ross, and once again Dick & Mary Carmen went out checking.

The purchase of all the supplies, including the exceptionally expensive light at the Kissing Bridge,  was made possible by the monies raised by the Amigos Recyclers.

Streetlights Repaired:

2016-17 247 lamps
2017-18 82 lamps
2018-19 182 lamps

To date 511 Lamps repaired