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Blessing of the Fleet, Fiesta Last Day

//Blessing of the Fleet, Fiesta Last Day

Blessing of the Fleet, Fiesta Last Day

fleet closerWhen we said that the Bucerias Fiesta schedule times were Mexican we certainly weren’t kidding.  The greasy pole scheduled for Thursday 9 pm did not take place, but maybe tonight it will.  I called the Delegado’s office to query what happened to the greasy pole – and they didn’t know it had not happened!

The Blessing of the Fleet generally has the exotic dancers outside the Church at 11 am – and they kept to their part, with the pangas due to arrive at noon.  I called the Office again at mid-day as the fishing fleet hadn’t turned up, and there wasn’t even any sign of them!  Finally they arrived (one hour late) and despite all previous notifications to the contrary – they landed at  the usual Plaza beach after all!

Actually it wasn’t too bad, all those piles of dirt had been removed,  all the exposed rebar was hidden under tons of concrete, most of the rubble had been removed, and there were some makeshift wooden steps.  The possible landing further North meant every single business on the beach was booming with visitors!  Hundreds of people enjoying a beautiful day on the beach and not too worried at the delay so long as they could get another bucket of ice cold beer. The temperature was in the mid to top 80s so everyone was hiding in the shade!

The high waves we’d experienced this past week had abated, so the pangas were able to get ashore easily and go back out safely.  The procession continued as normal up Bonfil Street to the Church – led by Mary and Joseph followed by the  charro riders in their colurful costumes, all to the strident music of the mariachi at the rear.  Avoiding piles of stone, men with wheelbarrows, shovels, pickaxes, surveyors with theodolites – as if they weren’t there!  The church with its tropical floral displays of flowers was packed, standing room only.  All arrivals received a round of applause, especially the swimmers who had accompanied the torch.

Tonight Friday 24 at 8pm will be the biggest dance troupe of the fiesta – and they have moved the stage from Bistro Limon to the ocean side of the plaza!  Definitely possibly maybe will be the greasy pole at 9pm, same street, outside the school, and the castillo (fireworks tower) at 11pm.  So although the whole area is still a construction site you don’t have to wear a hard hat – but do take extra care walking!

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