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Positive reactions

Another shot: can't believe it's true!As a follow up to the Earth Day clean up, we received an email from a gentleman (who wishes to remain anonymous) which we’re pleased to share with you:

“I was one of the Condominium Azul residents who joined the team that headed South from Karen’s, armed with a BBQ tong from the 25 pesos store – works really well and saves all the bending!
I made it to where the Decameron property begins.  As you reported to the North, the beach South was similar.  I was amazed at the cleanliness of the beach — especially considering the huge number of families that had been present during the three day Semana Santa weekend.  Garbage was bagged and piled in specific places.
A few stories to share:
Noticing what I was doing, a little boy, around three years old, approached me when I came in proximity to him and his parents.  In his tiny hand was a large wrinkled paper advertisement.  He handed it to me with a sweet smile and simply said, “basura”.
An elder, distinguished gentleman, a citizen from Guadalajara, was part of our team. While chatting with him, I learned he was staying in La Cruz.  He had heard of our Earth Day beach event and wanted to assist.  He pointed to his grandchild, happily running around with a plastic bag and said, “I want the young one to learn about taking care of the environment”.
At one point, a manger from a beach massage business came up to me and asked if he could take my picture.  With my permission, after doing so, I asked him why he wanted the picture.  He explained that he wanted to put it on the Internet to show his people that a foreigner was cleaning up the beach.  When I queried if he knew of Amigos de Bucerias and learned that he did not, I told him about our organization, some of the things the “Amigos” do around town and that I was part of a team of many “Amigos” cleaning the beach today.  He seemed impresssed.
I have participated in many Earth Day events over the last two plus decades but today was extraordinarily special and meaningful.  My heart was as full as my plastic bag! (Next time I’ll have to go larger).
I am hooked. When in residence I intend to be a regular each month.”
Thank you !
BTW: that painting featured at the start of the previous article is on a wall in Bucerias … do you know where?
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