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apology lonaWork on the plaza remodelling has stopped due to lack of funds.

The original budget set by the Federal Government was 8 (some people said 10) million pesos, and it was a “use it or lose it” deal that started on 11 December 2013.  See earlier reports on this website for details.  Manny Venegas, President of the Committee of Works said yesterday that questions were being asked, people being interviewed :  “People are not stupid.  They are saying they can see maybe only 3 million pesos of work achieved.”

We await further details.

The comments heard so far include:

“The size of the actual central area of the amphitheater is less than previously”

“The stage is smaller”

“Are there really banos, showers, changing rooms & bodega (as per plans) under there?”

“They removed three tiers of “stepped seating” – and replaced with … three tiers of stepped seating – why?”

People have asked if they can walk around the plaza and the answer is – yes, that part that has not been touched from the bandstand to the Church end. The part that has been under “destruction” is still – a construction site.  It is barricaded off for your own protection.   Actually it’s not an attractive area for a contemplative stroll.  It comes complete with rubble, holes in the ground, temporary covers over other holes in the ground, various pipes sticking up – in other words, obstacles which would require your diligent attention in the daytime and which you would not see at night.   As photos speak a thousand words, here’s a book for you to look at.

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  1. Carmen February 19, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Disappointed and heartbroken. At least before the start of the project there was a place were people could walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, the plaza in Bucerias Centro was very charming, it may have been old but it was functional. Now there is neither old nor new for the families who live in town to enjoy. Once again the reputation of the government of this area lives on.

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