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After Odile

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After Odile

2014-09-15 12.16.23As predicted Hurricane Odile made landfall at the southern Baja California, and although she continues to weaken as she remains inland, heavy rainfall and flooding are posing serious threats. Yesterday we didn’t have any rain worth talking about but we continued to have a lot of surging ocean action which threw a lot of the beach up the beach!

The location of aptly named Breakers Bar saw a lot of this action. Colin, owner of Breakers obviously has a lot of work to do: digging out the beach; repairs, painting, electrical fixtures, and renewing the palapa roof. It is just about possible to stand on the beach under the balcony – but not where the support beams are – unless you are under 4 feet tall. We’re sorry for you Colin! The adjoining El Brujo only had two of their beach palapas in need of repair. Sr Dionicio was busy deconstructing them. He said they last at least a year – and only take a day to make! Along at Adriano’s you can see two steps to the beach – there used to be 6!

Today is blue skies and sunshine and if you’d just arrived you wouldn’t have known anything had happened. This is a long weekend for many Nacionales as they get ready to celebrate El Grito tonight and Independence Day tomorrow. Tonight from 5 pm at the Corona arena there will be rodeo displays and competitions, with food, cerveza and lots of loud music.  At 8pm at the El Buzo at the plaza people will be winning prizes for their previously submitted Facebook photos taken at that sculpture.


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