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All clean again

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All clean again

arroyo rubbish all goneWe changed our Beach clean up for May to an Arroyo clean up, and when we met on the beach there we had a surprise – and NOT a good one.  Yellow spectator stands had been erected to view the various beach games over the Easter period, along with a couple of porta toilets.  This was also the collection area for the black sacks of accumulated rubbish.   See photo on prevoius posting for this subject.   Well the stands had been taken away, the toilets had been taken away, and guess what – the rubbish had NOT.  And as that had been over 2  weeks ago, all the bags were broken open – by birds/cats/dogs/horses/”pickers” – and the trash was strewn the width of the arroyo.  And had been rotting in the sun and was disgusting.

The whole project for this morning was to go UP the arroyo to the highway picking up the trash, and frankly as I  stood and looked at this pile I was rather disheartened.   BUT:  we had a FABULOUS team of about 10 volunteers and after the communal sighing, moaning and venting (on my part) (& I think Diana did a few resonant “oms”) we split into 2 groups, put on our armour (gloves), drew our swords (picking up pincers) and set forth to do battle.   While the A team worked their way up the arroyo, The B team picked up and re-bagged and re-piled.  We collected only one sack’s worth of plastic bottles, so that was encouraging – and we needed that encouragement!


Earth Day rubbish at arroyoThe A team put the black bags they had collected on the large concrete block at the lateral by the bridge which is an acknowledged collection point – and safe from dogs. To the existing pile they added about 8 bags!  This was promptly collected by Girrsa later that day.  To arrange the removal of the re-bagged goodies entailed phone calls and emails to the Delegado’s office; Riviera Nayarit Tourist Board; the State Nayarit Tourist Dept (via Manny Vengas) … and subsequently the bags were collected – but a lot of the left overs was not.  More calls, somebody set fire to that (!), more calls and finally on Saturday they shovelled the burnt stuff and took it away.

The arroyo is beautifully clean (for the moment!) – all thanks to the volunteers who turned up on Saturday and would NOT be beaten – well done and thank you all !

We will be doing ANOTHER arroyo clean up just before the summer rains start, so that’s sometime in June, possibly Saturday 14th but subject to the weather forecast.  If you’re here, if you care, and if you’re very brave – come and join us !


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