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Arroyo clean up report

//Arroyo clean up report

Arroyo clean up report

Recyclers clean the ArroyoWe asked the Delegado how can we help Bucerias and he asked us to clean up the Arroyo before the rains come.  Sure no problem.    For those of you who are new to this series: the Arroyo is the riverbed, dry during the winter when most of you are here, but a veritable river pouring down from the Sierra Madre mountains in the summer flooding months.   And any rubbish that is on the ground will be swept out … onto the beach and onwards out into the Bay and onwards out into the Pacific Ocean.  Look out world! So it is really important to clean the Arroyo NOW – we can’t fix a date on the rains coming but it is going to be soon.

So: Our team will meet your team: Tuesday 11 June, 9 am, at the Kissing Bridge – and they will provide kids of all ages – good for their education –  plus rakes, brushes, black sacks…  The word went out on the Yahoo Group for help.  People: this was the most disappointing clean up participation I have witnessed.   Five of us – all part of the Recycling Team, well, well, well.  We worked for 2 hours picking up everything in the arroyo from the playa to the highway – the good, the bad, and the definitely most downright ugly – and with black sacks  (provided by us): 5 rubbish and 3 plastic, called it quits.   Transpires in yet another change of plans (ahh Mexico) the Delegado’s team had decided to sweep the el centro plaza clear of dust, intending to meet up with us about 10.30….

All thanks go to the “Environmental Engineers”  team pictured here for sticking with it.  Well done team!  New members always welcome!

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