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Bees alert!

//Bees alert!

Bees alert!

Bees Nest 004Just realised that our Bucerias bees were mentioned all over the Yahoo group but not here, until a reference to them in our recycling rained off article.  So for those of you who don’t follow the yahoo group…

On  05 August, the Monday team – Barry, Dick & Jerry, pulled up with the trailer and Dick’s pickup overflowing with black sacks of plastic bottles (yayy!).  As Dick negotiated to reverse into the yard, the hitherto unseen hive decided that was way too much noise and fuss and emerged from the foliage of the nearby bougainvillea and palm tree and attacked them!  Signing on to be a recycler involves a lot of extra jobs, but battling bees ain’t one of them!  Discretion being the better part of valour, our guys retreated – hastily!

The Bomberos/Civil Protection were called to deal with the situation.  (See our Emergency Numbers list on this site).  (Thank you Ross for the photo – that hive is at least 18″ round).  They generally come about dusk, so an appointment was made for 7.30 – 8pm, Tuesday, cos that’s when the bees have all gone home after a full day nectar gathering and are busy washing the pollen off their legs under the Queen’s watchful eyes.  There is a world shortage of good honey bees, and the African “killer” bees are gradually taking over.  Which kinds of bees we had – an expert might know, but we’re not experts, and even if we’d Googled, no way anyone was getting too close to find out.   There are no beekeepers in the area for them to be collected and taken away, so unfortunately it means they have to be killed to prevent anyone else needing hospitalisation.  But the Bomberos didn’t show that night.  Well apparently they did, but declared they couldn’t find them.   The neighbour – who’d had to go to hospital due to so many stings, got in touch with them and physically pointed out the hive to them the next day, and they said they’d come that night, Wednesday.   We prudently postponed the Thursday morning collection to Friday.   A few of us gathered at nearby Karen & Jerry’s house, awaiting the arrival of the Bomberos so that we could see them in action.  This is what we do for excitement in the summer.  It felt like we should have been in rocking chairs, with a spittoon and a keg of moonshine.

We called them again at 8.45 pm and the dispatcher knew all about them, correctly quoted the location, and confirmed a team was on their way.  Called them again at 9.45 pm and this dispatcher knew absolutely nothing about them and we had to start all over again!  We waited some more but then went home to bed, and Jerry & Karen saw the truck arrive about 11 pm.  Thursday morning Jerry out and about first, saw just a charred lump at the base of the nearby palm tree, but the celebrations were premature.  When I went along a bit later on, there they all were, rising up from the lump, reforming up in the overhanging shrubbery that had not been burnt, and guess what – now they  were REALLY mad!  By coincidence, walking the dog, husband Tony had spoken of this situation to a neighbour and it turns out he had the whole suit and the “stuff” to spray bees with, yayy!  So he did and we checked again at noon – the critturs were dead.    We went back at 4 pm to double check!   Yess!

So that’s the Bucerias bees story and brought you up to date to the “rain stopped play” for collecting the plastic on Friday.

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