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Calle Otoño street work

//Calle Otoño street work

Calle Otoño street work

Concerned residents of this street met with an official from the Bahia and the Bucerias Delegado on site  yesterday evening (17 May) to discuss the lack of progress in finishing off the street.  It was dug up 2 years ago and abandoned, and again work was started when Rio Colorado was under construction some months back.  Nothing has happened for a while, apparently due to the appropriate funds being –  appropriated. Residents want the street completed before the start of rainy season, with the very real worry that otherwise it will form stagnant water with ensuant mosquitoes. The Bahia  were asking residents for significant sums of money in order to finalize the road, and the residents yesterday told the official the answer was “No”.  Further talks will be held next week.

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