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Children’s Day: Día de los Niños

//Children’s Day: Día de los Niños

Children’s Day: Día de los Niños

DiadelNinoOur local children are not going to be going short of candy this year that’s for sure!  A party yesterday at the Children’s Library, one today at La Fuente, those hosted by the schools on the actual day, Tuesday 30 April – and to top it all off – a party on Wednesday 01 May with the candy purchased from Amigos donations at our last membership meeting.  That’s a lot of candy over the days – the kids are going to be bouncing off the walls!

If you’re in town, do come along and join in the fun on Wednesday, starting at 6pm, at the plaza that is up the Arroyo.  Easy to get to, just drive or walk up the river bed from the highway, it’s less than a kilometer.  There’s a large pedestrian overbridge with the plaza and adjoining church on the left.  Remember to bring your camera!

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