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Come to the party this Sunday !

//Come to the party this Sunday !

Come to the party this Sunday !

PLAZA NEW MURAL (4)Tony and I have been away for 3 weeks so we went into Bucerias to see if any changes had happened in our absence… First off: Estaciones, the road that runs inland from the highway at the lights near to Famar Restaurant has been paved! With yellow pedestrian crossings and topes!   I’m told that this happened in ONE day (so I’m not too sure about the structure of the foundations) and apparently they then had to return and dig to provide access for the water/sewer holes… Talking of holes – the laterals have more than Swiss cheese and they’re getting bigger and deeper daily. Even the one armed man and his mate who were shovelling dust and dirt into them for pesos seem to have conceded defeat.

Just about every post on the highway has an election banner hanging from it, and walls have huge painted slogans on them – in Nayarit it’s local elections day this Sunday, everything from mayor all the way up to Bahia President…and that means LOTS of election promises. As we are not allowed to get involved in local politics – nothing more to be said on this subject, except to remind you: the sale of alcohol will be prohibited effective Saturday morning to Monday morning, so if you are not stocked up – do so today (or else drive into Jalisco).

There are also banners celebrating the Pacific Alliance summit, this is an annual meeting of the heads of Mexico, Columbia, Chile and Peru, and it was with surprise – and pride – that we saw on Peruvian TV it was being held at Pta Mita !

PLAZA NEW MURAL (1)The new mural in the plaza is now complete – I did like the historical aspect of the previous one, but this is very vibrant and appropriately celebrates the beauty of our Bay. No, nothing else has been done in the plaza. The diver sculpture has been finished , and I understand the permission has been granted to site it – just waiting to hear when the official placing and inauguration will take place.


Some of you already know that Bistro El Limon closed its doors, so I was surprised to see them open again – and even more so that the building is not lemon yellow anymore! The building owners, Alain and Arturo, have decided to run a restaurant themselves, and the new name is “Esquina 22”.  They will be serving comfort food (from Monday 7th) at reasonable prices, specifically with 7 different baked potato fillings – and 14 different flavour mojitos. And for you Shamrock fans, it’s a welcome back behind the bar to Jesse. Behind the bar is actually where Arturo was born! But that was when it was just a small house. They are on the hunt for any old photos of Bucerias which they will copy and put on the walls. So please have a look and see what you have and bring them down with you.

Most of you are not here but another reminder to those of you who ARE: This Sunday, July 6, is our joint USA & Canada celebration day pot luck BBQ. We have the BBQ you bring whatever you want to put on it to cook for yourselves, and also please bring a side dish to share with say 4 – 6 others – our numbers are not very big ! Bring whatever you want to drink, glass, plate, fork. It’s going to be 4 – 7pm at the Tercera Edad seniors facility, and if you haven’t been there before, it is a delightful rural location, yet only a few minutes off the main highway.   We have shelter against both rain and sun, and banos! Ross is going to bring along some music so you can sing, dance, or at least tap your toes and – “rattle your jewellery” (trivia quiz time: who said that and when?)

On the North lateral, approaching Bucerias from Mega, take the 2nd right “Encino” – there’s a taco place on the corner, and there are signs pointing to the El Eden Nursery. Great place for your plants for when you return! Follow the road – give a cheer as you pass our recycling yard! – and when it ends at the canal, turn right. Just a few yards on and there’s the venue (it’s opposite the Bucerias charro). Please bring a minimum donation of 20 pesos for the facility.

This is not just an Amigos event, so please invite your friends and neighbours!

See you on Sunday – rain or shine !


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