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Did you hear that loud noise yesterday?

//Did you hear that loud noise yesterday?

Did you hear that loud noise yesterday?

2014-09-15 12.15.46No, not the “rockets” going off in Col Las Brisas for their 9 days of Sta Cecilia fiesta (thank goodness now over!)…

We had an interesting conversation at beach clean up yesterday when a visitor told us we should not be picking up the trash off the beach!

Stunned into almost silence we nevertheless managed to croak out “Why?” And the response was: because local people should be paid to do it. Fine – and where is that money going to come from? Now it was her turn to be silent. She then said as the property taxes were so low, they should be raised, and one of our members pointed out that that would be a taxation upon local landowners too, some of whom only earn 65 pesos a day.

Undeterred she said the local Government should pay. We said: should but don’t, that’s why we have to step in, free. Sure we have other things we could be doing! But … (We didn’t even touch on the question of the Ventanas Al Mar where people were being paid to keep them clean but that seems to have mostly stopped).

Changing tack, the woman said we still should not be picking up the trash as it would all be dirty again tomorrow. Our response was – well at least it will be clean for today, and we’ve stopped some of it from going out into the ocean. And if we don’t do this – and nobody else does – then people like her, visitors, will take one look at the beach and go away, never to return, therefore not spending their money in our bars, restaurants, shops etc, thus ruining our local economy and depriving everyone.

Finally she said: Well at least this town is getting better, they now have a recycling programme. So that loud noise yesterday was our screech – that is US ! That’s Amigos! And that money goes back into the community! Aagghh…

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  1. David Perry November 23, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Yup, some people just don’t get it and I really wish they would keep their incorrect distorted views to themselves. Perhaps some of us come from countries where everything is taxed and they go up every year as people take less and less responsibility keeping their own backyard clean and leave it up to the government because it is “their job”, forgetting who “they” are!
    I would much rather keep taxes low here so the local people can survive in a house of their own and if that means cleaning up the beach or my street or riding the recycling truck then so be it.

  2. CJ November 23, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Well, for instance, it’s a good thing the people of Sayulita don’t have that attitude about their beach. The “government” is practically non-existent there (two ejido’s warring with each other, yes 2, unheard of in all of Mexico I’m told) and nothing gets done. They clean up their own beach and most of the time take their own trash to the “recycla” on the Punta de Mita Highway outside of town. Before the summer rains come, they clean out the arroyo so the trash doesn’t reach the ocean, only to have the trash from town next to them come washing on down, into the ocean. GIRRSA only comes to town intermittently, and then only downtown and down a few flat streets going off the town square. They had “trash traps” made so that GIRRSA would pick up garbage on those flat streets that residents would use, only to get filled up by restaurant trash first. There are no “services” so to speak; they gather money to do their own repairs of street lights (yes they buy the bulbs and get someone to install them) and one person took on the job of repairing the foot bridge over the arroyo that the children were using to get to school because their little feet were falling through and it became dangerous. Someone decided Sayulita’s children needed a park, so money was donated and things for the park were donated and SayuParke was born. But they still have to collect donations to pay the lady who takes care of the park to keep it clean for the children. When the water treatment plant pump goes out, the town suffers for days; no fair getting a back-up pump for emergencies. Sometimes the town goes without water for days, filled with tourists and visitors; the restaurants have to go through this all the time. Same with blown transformers and no electricity for days, and other things that should be taken care of on a more formal basis, not intermittently. Yes, I am so happy I moved to a more civilized town and will be happy to participate in the beach clean up!

  3. Landon Hollander November 24, 2014 at 10:13 am

    The “fine line” or “grey area” involved here, is the integration of local nationals. All these volunteer projects instigated by gringos will inevitably be perceived as just that; gringos trying to implement their ways on local culture. The most successful projects here in La Cruz have been the ones that were organized with the delegado and the local schools resulting in huge turnouts by locals.

  4. Mark Barnes December 1, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    That same person probly does not bother picking up there own garbage. Always someone else’s problem.

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