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Did you miss it? What’s up next?

//Did you miss it? What’s up next?

Did you miss it? What’s up next?

Just happened Wednesday 17 December …

water walk 171214

Bucerias’ new town mayor – that’s the one on the right

The “water walk” was pretty amazing – about a thousand children from all Bucerias schools: kindergarten, primary and secondary, gathered on Ave Mexico to walk to the plaza bearing placards and chanting: “Cuida el agua! Agua es la vida! ”   President of Bahia de Banderas, Sr Jose Gomez Perez arrived and was immediately surrounded by people presenting their petitions! When it was my turn he looked at me with one eyebrow raised, but I restricted myself to giving him and his wife our best wishes for Christmas!

He led the procession flanked by Regidor Xavier Cristobal Esparza Garcias and our new town mayor, Sr Tony “Veneno”, followed by other Government officers, and the water drop mascot of course.   They stood on the plaza stage with Sr Jose enthusiastically waving as the kids arrived – while helpers hastily added more chairs to the auditorium!

During his speech Sr Jose mentioned he had been in office for 90 days now, detailing his various promises, and then moved on to the topic of water conservation, telling the children whenever they saw a leak to get their fathers to report it. He revived their flagging interest by appointing them ” the guardians of the water for the future” and had everyone stand and hold out their right arm in taking an oath of that guardianship. He asked: “Do you promise?” “ Yes I promise!”  “Louder!   Do you promise?”  “YES I PROMISE!” they all screamed.   Pure showmanship !


Just happened Thursday 18 December…

DSCF1650Thursday the disco party at Breakers was not a stroll down memory lane but a bopping, hopping good time!  Groovy baby!    (For younger readers, groovy was the horizontal buzz word insead of “awesome”.  Yes, really.)

After a fabulous (yes people used to say that a lot)  excellent buffet there was a dance demonstration of acrobatic proportions, the man’s strength as he raised his partner above his head and her body’s contorting flexibility had everyone gasping.  Bizarrely nobody tried to imitate them.

As for Colin, in the full swing of it all, in a purple velvet suit and huge floppy hat, it was not so much a question of where did you get that outfit, but – why?!  Must be a story behind that purchase…?  Anyway: Good for you Colin, and watch out John Travolta. All the fun was to raise money for the Manos de Amor – well done everyone!


Just happened Sunday 21 December …

Buzo floodlitThe first El Buzo Fair was held in the plaza under slightly overcast skies which made for ideal conditions for participants and visitors alike. After the opening, first up on the stage was the ever popular songbird Brittany Kingery. Later, vibrant guitarists The Mediterranean Strings, and as it became dark, a clown entertained the kids – who also had a bouncy castle and slide to keep them amused. The much awaited classic rock group Tabacco Road raised the tempo and the evening finished with a great mariachi band.  The food was as varied as the music, a great mix of Mexican and international dishes.  A lot of hard work went into this multi cultural fiesta –  well done to the organisers and participants !




Just happened Monday 22 December …

2014-12-22 19.34.28The official start of the “2nd Annual Recycle Bottle Christmas Tree Exhibit”!!

Amigos de Bucerias Recyclers placed their recycle bottle tree at Mark’s Restaurant on Lazaro Cardenas.  In accordance with “Recycle Bottle” they have again used  plastic bottles that can – and will be – recycled.  Last year they won with their 10 ft plus tree of plastic bottles at Rosa Mexicano.  (Many, many hours in the  making!)  This year they decided to go small but “festively elegant as befitting the delightful venue of their hosts, Mark’s Bar & Grill.”



Charity Countdown to Christmas:

Tuesday 23 Dec: 12.30 pm at the Drunken Duck: wrapping dispensas.

Wednesday 24 Dec: 3pm Distribution of toys to kids at the church up the arroyo.

Thursday 24 Dec: 9 pm: Traditional carol singing in Bucerias main downtown plaza.

Thursday 25 Dec: 5pm Distribution of toys to kids, Philo’s, La Cruz



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