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Don’t leave here without one!

//Don’t leave here without one!

Don’t leave here without one!

2 dogsWould you like to help a local dog to get to a new home?  Look at Mexpup.com who have a list of dogs that need to be accompanied on the flight back to Canada.  Here’s what Tedi has to say:

” We have done this three times now and each and every time it has been extremely simple and easy. This year we took two puppies who were adorable. Everything such as the crate, paperwork, shots, flight cost, etc is covered and taken care of by MexPup. They meet you at the airport approximately two hours before flight departure. They help you get the dog checked through, give you all the papers you need, explain everything. You simply claim the dog at your end and go through the customs. It is a piece of cake! Then when you finish and pass through customs they meet you at the other side and you are done.

“I know people hesitate because they think they will get saddled down with costs and worse, customs issues and that just isn’t true. It really is easy, my husband was very unsure to begin with and now he is all for it. The more dogs that get taken the more room they have at their facility for dogs people find and have nowhere to take. If you have ever wondered if it is possible and worry free, let me assure you it is.”

If you would like to consider doing this you can contact MexPup.com. If they don’t have a dog going in your area they can give you 3 or 4 other organizations you may be able to help out.


Absolutely, the more that know about it the better. Hope it starts a movement! :

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