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Earth Day Achievements

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Earth Day Achievements

2015-04-22 09.11.31A small group of conscientious folks went out on Earth Day to pick up trash from the beach and …almost had to search for it ! Of course there was the usual amount in the arroyo, although even that was down in volume, and of the team the 5 diverted there got to the rubbish drop off point at the lateral in 50 minutes: less people, less time than the April 11 clean up  – all good!  Photo shows young boy Miguel, Jennie & Jan, Jim & Contessa, Wayne, Diana of Shala Ananda (missing a couple of others, sorry!)


RECYCLING:  You will recall we started the recycling coincidentally but auspiciously on Earth Day 2013, taking over from where the organization PEACE had left off. We had brought in the baskets, taken inventory, repaired them, bought supplies, made more… and as we put them out on the streets people of all nationalities applauded! Yess !

As you know there is a lot of non recyclable plastic put in the baskets, people think “plastic is plastic”, but unfortunately that is not so down here. Basically we are looking at drink bottles, and food containers with the Numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom. The acceptable (and not!) list is on the Amigos website under “Volunteering – Recycling”.

And despite the signs on our baskets, we have had more than our fair share of trash in them that don’t have any semblance to plastic! –  Styrofoam everything, coffee to go cups, glass bottles, rubber shoe soles, oranges and pineapple shells, food left overs, fish heads, and diapers.  So disregarding all the wrong plastic, all the rubbish, the nett amount of plastic that we collected in the year to Earth Day 2014 was 10,341 kilos!  And to this year’s Earth Day it was 13,069 kilos!  So in two years that’s a total of 23,410 kilos!  Yes, that is a whopping 23.4 tons !

To try and give you a visual as to what that means: the largest land animal is the male African elephant and given an average weight that would be five elephants.   Or , based on average weights: 69 zebras.  Or: 106 African lions.  Or: 312 common dolphins.  Or: 206,000 quarterpounder beefburgers!!

Whichever way you look at it – all of that good plastic and the wrong plastic and the trash is NOT on the streets, on the beach and NOT in the ocean.  Huge congratulations and thanks go to our excellent stalwart recycling team volunteers!




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