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El Danzon at Tercera Edad

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El Danzon at Tercera Edad

Well, the promoted one in the plaza just did not happen.  It got changed at the last minute by the powers that be to a Mothers Day celebration. Mothers Day is 10 May regardless of the day, and this El Danzon was Saturday 25 May… ahh Mexico.  Moving forward to Monday 3 June.  The Tercera Edad only meets, officially, on Mondays – although it is open for the seniors to use when the Director, Sr Cirino is out there tending the allotment with its growing food harvest, used to give/feed the seniors – which obviously is just about every day!

danzon serious dancersSo the majority of the members – and yes, the majority are women – were all present in spotless, neatly pressed clothes (how do they achieve that?), waiting with eager anticipation for the Danzon to begin.  It started with all due dignity – and ONE very serious Senor!  (The other Senors were sat back under the tree enjoying the show).  But soon the music became “Camden Star” stuff… I have seen the kids out at the arroyo dancing to this –  and now the seniors!  Doesn’t do anything for me.  But I digress.  So – it’s a democratic audience appreciation – the least applause for each highlighted couple,  and you’re voted out.  (It’s BC – Before Cowell).

Finally the participants having been progressively whittled down – many applauding themselves – we had an overall winner and a runner up.  Prizes were presented by the local Diputado, Omar – as in his campaign slogan: Omar es Mi Amigo.  The serious couple got 2nd prize, a kitchen appliance each and 100 pesos.  The winning ladies got a good quality fan and 200 pesos.  I understand prizes were provided by Sr Omar.  He is pictured on the left of this photo, and the Director of TE, Sr Cirino is on the right.  Everyone had a great fun time – music, dancing – the “oldies” were dancing before most of you were born!

Danzon winners receive prize

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