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Executive Committee 2016 Required

//Executive Committee 2016 Required

Executive Committee 2016 Required

Clean as far as the eye can see

Amigos needs YOU !

We need four people to form the Executive Committee for 2016 and if we don’t have them then Amigos de Bucerias will no longer exist.

You have shown your support for Amigos de Bucerias by your   continued membership. Now you are asked to do more than just pay your annual dues. As announced in July, the present committee are standing down.

If you are one of those people who have thought: “This should be done”, or – “why don’t you do this?” – then now is your chance to put your thoughts into action and serve on the committee. Amigos has had many projects helping in the community in the past few years – you can build from that level. There’s plenty of opportunities for more.

Full details of what each position entails are listed below. You can nominate someone (with their permission of course), or yourself. The nominations need to be sent to the Amigos gmail, for the attention of the Nominations Officer, and they have to be received by 1st December at the latest. But don’t wait until then, send them NOW!   Talk to your friends! Nominees need to be fully paid up members for 2016. Please also include a few words about yourself and a photo. These details will then go on the website for December to give everyone a chance to be informed in readiness for the voting at the AGM in January.

Dick and I will help make the transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please write to me at the Amigos gmail which is: [email protected]

The positions, and their responsibilities are as follows:


As the chief administrative officer, the President presides over all general membership meetings and the monthly Executive Committee meetings. The President authorises expenditures, with the majority concurrence of the Executive Committee, and members’ approval; appoints and liaises with other Committee chairs; and delegates responsibilities as appropriate.

Some Spanish would help but is not essential. We have established a good relationship with the town Mayor, Sr Tony, and while we are not allowed to get involved in local politics, this is an opportunity to liaise with the Municipality to hopefully continue to create and see improvements in Bucerias. Ideally the President will be a full time resident, with vacation breaks covered by the Vice President.

Vice President:

The Vice assists the President in the performance of executive duties, assuming duties at any time the President is not available.


The Secretary takes the Minutes at all the general meetings – there is a recorder available – transcribes them and confirms their accuracy with members at the subsequent meeting. The Secretary is responsible for all official correspondence and maintains the Association’s files.


The Treasurer maintains all financial records and bank accounts, presenting financial summary reports to the Executive Committee and at general meetings. The Treasurer visits the accountant monthly with receipts for the accountant to file the official reporting. The accountant speaks English.

Additionally, two further positions need to be filled:

Website Editor:

Some computer literacy is obviously essential, but any complicated technological work is dealt with by our Webmistress. The Editor will receive and/or provide articles concerning Bucerias events and general updates and photos; will receive submissions from contributors; will maintain the information on the website, updating as appropriate.

Recycling Leader:

The Leader will liaise with all volunteers, establishing a schedule for collection of plastic in Bucerias, taking part whenever necessary, coordinating its collection, receive payment, and liaise with the President and Executives regarding the use of these funds.



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