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Farewell Snow Birds !

//Farewell Snow Birds !

Farewell Snow Birds !

Patti cookingOn Saturday 3 May we had our final meeting at Ixta who closed down immediately afterwards – but only for the summer!   Don’t panic!  They’ll be open again for our October meeting.   Meantime here’s a picture of Patty cooking up a storm in their super clean kitchen.   The Minutes will be published in English (& Spanish) in about a week’s time, so remember to come back and have a look – you’ll find them on the top white line.  Like everything else on the site – just hover and click.

Specifically: praise to our Recyclers who have now been in action for a full year since we took over on Earth Day 2013.  We have collected a total of plastic – nett of all the accumulated rubbish – of… drum roll …10,341 kilos!  And remember: the money from this is turning the lights back on throughout all the streets!  Next project: street signs!  Some of our volunteers have been on board just for a couple of routes, others have been doing this throughout the season, and others for even for longer –  Dick Pickup has been the Monday Man driving us around ever since we began!  Thank you to all of you who have helped, we could not have done this without you – and now there are only 6 of us to keep it going all summer long.  Eek!

Again, if you know anyone here during the summer with a couple of hours to spare on either Monday or Thursday mornings – and especially if they have a vehicle with a tow bar – please get them to be in contact with us !  They can use the Contact Us link on this site or email: [email protected]

If you’re still in town, Beach Clean up this Saturday 10 May, 9 a.m. starting at the arroyo and working our way up it to the highway.  There is already a threat of rain this week, hopefully not enough to wash all the trash into the ocean!  We will be doing this one again early June before the real summer rains start.

Very sorry for those of you who got back to your Northern home and found there was snow and ice and rain…I’m just sipping a margarita on the beach right now under beautiful blue skies…it’s ok you can have YOUR laugh when we are sweltering later on !






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