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Goodness – Good Friday!

//Goodness – Good Friday!

Goodness – Good Friday!

Gd Fri beachThe Easter pilgrimage to the beach is in full flow!  Nationals from Guadalajara, Mexico City and wherever else are here in their hundreds, 3 generations of  families and their friends piled into their trucks and rusty breakdown – defying jalopies, complete with all their vacation essentials.  Bombero units are strategically placed,  the various police departments are out in force patrolling the highway, and those who drew the short straw are controlling the traffic lights.

It was wall to wall shopping in every department of Mega yesterday, and the individual small stores who have stayed open instead of joining the throngs are also doing a brisk trade.  Top of the list are the beach accessories to keep the kids amused.

The plaza work is “finished” to the extent that all rubbish has been removed and the area is open for walking around safely.    Although the part of Pacifico between the plaza and the church and to the tianguis  was recently re-cobbled in time, the authorities decided not to open to through traffic or the vendors as this is the area of most congestion.  But – the vendors and the traffic continues regardless !  Road Bonfil, past the school and the plaza to the malecon, is however totally vehicle free – as  car owners have taken the opportunity to park acros the Church end of that road.

The lifeguard on duty confirmed the 2 flags flying are: yellow for swim with caution and blue (more like a faded purple): jellyfish. He’s going to be up on his observation tower for an 8 hours shift, maybe 12 hours, depends on when somebody replaces him.  Nearby there’s a “no no” sign on the beach which includes: no litter; no cigarette butts; no glass bottles; no loud music and no camping…oh well…




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