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Had a good pedicure lately?

//Had a good pedicure lately?

Had a good pedicure lately?

hoof on fireWe came across Snr Francisco giving what looked like the pedicure from hell on Ignate.   He picked out the contents of Ignate’s hooves with a mediaeval torture instrument, followed that up with huge pliers to rip off the outer part of the hoof, and then used a huge rasp to file down the edges.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, he then poured on some baby oil and set fire to that raked out under part of the hoof!  Ouch!  Ouch!

But Ignate didn’t so much as whinny, let alone  roll an eye, or turn his head  around and use his big teeth on Francisco.

Ignate doesn’t have shoes – not because he’s poor!  But actually that is a good consideration.  He is a natural “barefoot horse” – which is becoming increasingly popular in other countries.  This procedure is to ensure that the hoof makes contact with the ground on an even basis.  Sr Francisco was wearing heavy duty leather “chaps” – and these are worn by farriers all over the world, different to the leather aprons sported by blacksmiths, due to the various positions they have to assume while treating the hoof.

patient horseWhen he was filing the hoof, he put the horse’s leg up on a stand – Ignate was most obliging! – and you know how nothing is wasted down here?  Look closely – the stand was the base for a patio umbrella !

It’s easy to just think of Bucerias in terms of the beach and the Ocean – but this is a really rural community too, using good old fashioned methods that have survived over the years.

Ignate will be in the Revolution Day parade on Wednesday 20 November – possibly an 8 a.m. start at the plaza.



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