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fireworksHAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Yes it did rain again last night!  But the 1,000  (approx) revellers at the Decameron’s open air theatre didn’t seem to mind!  Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks – another great display – and free!  Wishing you all health and happiness in 2014.

The rain started on 21 December and including last night we now have a total of 5.9″ – that’s enough, now stop it!

The Recycling Plastic Christmas Tree Challenge continues – but now we need your votes online… before 7pm local time, Thursday 02 January.  Please support the Amigos Recyclers by voting for our  tree.  It’s not listed as Recyclers but you will see “Rosa Mexicano – 10 ft tall” please click on that, go down a bit and click on “vote” – and that’s all you have to do.  No personal details or registration or anything.  Here is the website: www.buceriasart.com/events.html
Tree height, nightIt took us an awful lot of time to design and make – first we had to get down and dirty and source the green bottles.  And not just any old size at random, oh no – each layer represents a different size, starting with 3 litre at the bottom, going all the way to the top at 340 mls. Then wash them.  Make the layers, holes in the caps, screw them to the layers, add the lights, make supports – and THEN get it to the Rosa Mexicano!   And they are only open at night and – like everyone – have not had many customers as it’s been raining!  And talking about the rain (again) our Monday team were out there in the middle of a torrential downpour – and kept on going.  Well done team!

So please vote for our tree to show your appreciation for the Amigos Recyclers efforts for helping reduce all the plastic waste to keep Bucerias cleaner and better for all of us, residents, snowbirds and tourists alike, and – the environment. What we pick up does not go into Mother Ocean!

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