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Hi ho silver and away!

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Hi ho silver and away!

Pancho the horseSummertime – and it’s not so much the cotton is high, it’s the weeds and the grass.  Local horse owner Lalo asked if he could graze his horse, Pancho, inside our recycling yard and got a very positive  “yes please”!  One of the team mentioned the obvious downside of horse droppings, but I spoke with Cyrino at the Tercera Edad and he would be delighted to receive these “gifts” to fertilise his allotment. (He used the word abonos which means fertilizer but it also means installments,  tickets or locally –  receipts. )

Pancho is a grey horse, so you’d think he would be quite noticeable in our yard, but he managed to hide in the far corner where the vegetation is the most dense, and we forgot all about him.  Until he ran past us as we were emptying the trailer, out the open gate and away!  We looked at each other and gave out a collective “Oh sh.. !”  The team went home and once I’d locked the gate – yes the phrase stable door and bolting horse did come to mind – I set off to track him down, with absolutely no idea what I was going to do when I found him.  But fortunately Lalo had seen him run past his taco stand (how embarrassing!) and had got a rope on him and was bringing him back.  Phew.

Well the very next day Francisco came with the super trailer to take away our collection and before you could say “don’t  look a gift horse in the mouth” – Pancho was off and running again!  He should be called Houdini.  This time I got my husband Tony and a rope and off we went for the round up (no sign of Lalo).  Pancho led us a merry dance.  He stayed perfectly still until we were just a few feet away – disdainfully snickered at the handful of grass I was holding out to him, and then kicked up his heels, flicked his tail and was off.  Several times.  He went round the back of the Tercera  Edad – would any of the men playing dominoes join the posse?  Not likely!  We were scratched by thorns, bitten by insects,  and at the end of our tether when Lalo appeared from nowhere –  and persuaded Pancho that  the grass was greener in our lot.

On Saturday I met with Cyrino so that we could shovel up the “receipts” – Pancho had been in our yard not quite 6 days, and all on his own he had produced – I kid you not – four large black sacks full!  That was an awful lot of sh…ovelling.

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  1. Karen Knapp September 25, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Great story, Ronnie! Thanks for sharing it with us all.

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