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Immigration Investigations


As of 29 July, Immigration are cracking down on non Mexicans who are working or receiving money and have not registered their correct status.  This includes selling at markets, renting out properties, working in restaurants, surfing instructors, etc.  They will be checking documentation and if the foreign person is not correctly registered with them they say that person can be detained pending an investigation.

Apparently a person who was in business based at their home was investigated and charged with: zoning violations,  working without a permit, practising without a license, unlawful residency in Mexico (his visa had expired),  tax fraud and – because he offered a bribe upon his  arrest – bribery of a  federal officer.  Apart from the first two charges, the penalties for the other offenses are prison and deportation.

The full article appears in this week’s PV Mirror.  It was written by Luis Melgoza owner of PV Geeks computer company.  Although retired from the legal profession, he is a highly respected consultant for both foreign and Mexican communities in PV.

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